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Train to Fight, Fight to Win!

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Train to Fight This week’s article is about training to fight. I’ve been studying neurology lately and have been uncovering a vast amount of information about how the brain works, and how little we actually understand about the gray matter between our ears… not to mention how […]

Is 10mm Too Much for Home Defense?

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts Is 10mm “Too Much”? There seem to be two camps when it comes to the utility of 10mm. There are those who believe it to be God’s second great gift to mankind, the first being the 1911, which was bestowed through His prophet, John Browning, peace be […]

What You Need to Know About Plaxco’s Shooting Principles

I stumbled across an excellent book “Shooting from Within: A Guide to Maximum Performance” by J. Michael Plaxco a former USPSA national champion and gunsmith who was employed by Smith and Wesson for a number of years. This isn’t your normal shooting book of drills.

Could Tasers and Stun Guns Replace Your Home Defense Gun?

Occasionally I get questions off of Facebook whether tasers and stun guns could replace guns for home defense. They like the idea that they don’t have to have something that could kill someone.

How to Load and Unload a Revolver

Since we talked about loading and unloading a semi auto in the last post, we are continuing along with how to load and unload a revolver.

How to Load a Handgun

How to load a handgun might seem really simplistic for those who have been shooting for years and years, but it can be really intimidating for newbies starting out.Especially out on the range; no one likes to look stupid and worst do something unsafe.

The Power Stance for Defensive Handgun Shooting

You can get into endless debates with people over isosceles versus weaver stances. The stance you really need to have is a combat, power stance.

The Best Home Defense Pistol

The best home defense pistol is the one you have next to you when the thugs break your door down.  You probably thought that this was going to be a discussion of revolver versus semi automatic or Glock versus Springfield Armory.  Those are discussions for another post. Convenience versus Reliability versus Accuracy

The Old boys Have Some Points for Home Defense- Part 1 (Preventing Home Invasion Robberies and Assaults)

This is a guest post by Carr Mohr The weather was nasty and the TV was spewing mindless chatter so I jumped in the truck and went down to visit the boys at the gun shop. The big pot bellied stove was warming the place nicely the “boys” were sitting around warm coffees in hand […]

Getting Your Lady to Shoot

This is a guest post by Stephanie DiGennaro Getting your lady to shoot. Men, would you like your ladies to learn how to shoot whether it’s to go to the range with you or for self-defense? Keep in mind, this can be something she wants to learn on her own or something she may need […]

Having a When, Then Mindset

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester What If or When, then… In light of recent news events, the massive outbreak of active murder’s (let’s not sugar coat anything by calling them active shooters… they are murderers) going on killing sprees, and the major increase in desperate people (Thanks to the incompetence of our […]

Don’t Roam Your Home

Guest Post by John Payne, Jr. – A Good Guy with a Gun DON’T ROAM YOUR HOME “LOOKING FOR BAD GUYS” More and more I’m seeing commercials or “funny” vids showing homeowners engaging possible intruders in all areas of their property – NOT generally a good idea, amigos.

Do You Make These Concealed Carry Mistakes

Unless you have taken a CCW class there is a good chance you might be making at least one of these concealed carry mistakes. Even with a class, you might have gotten some bad info and have fallen into one of these.

The Top Ten Items for Your Range Bag

Range time is precious and unless you are one of the lucky ones who can shoot in their back yard, you need to make sure you have the needed items for your range bag. The last thing you want is to drive for an hour and find out you have left behind something for your […]

Gun Cleaning 101

Here is a good guide to Gun Cleaning 101. If you got guns you got to clean them – at least every once in a while. I found a good video to give you an intro to what you need to know about gun cleaning. I agree with a lot of what he talks about.

Beginner’s Guide to Owning a Firearm

This is a guest post by Rico Dominguez A Normal Guy’s Beginner’s Guide to Owning a Firearm for Self Defense. Just recently after a burglary in which aside from a couple computers and a TV, my beloved dog, Luna was stolen; I began to be drawn into the world of personal, home defense. Slowly I began […]

Concealed Carry Options for Women

Concealed carry options for women differ from those of men for obvious reasons. It is pretty unusual to find a man wearing a skirt or a dress. Women have different body shapes and parts that make certain holsters and draws impractical. Women just have to look at concealed carry with a different eye than men.

What Not to Shoot At

One good thing to know is what not to shoot at when you are training and practicing with your weapon.  Shooting at the wrong target could injure or kill you or someone else in the area.  We found a good video that covers what not to shoot at.

Carrying a Second Gun

Do you carry a second gun? Maybe you should consider a backup gun. Massad Ayoob talks in the video we found about why you should  consider it.

Buying a Used Pistol

You want a pistol for home defense or concealed carry but you don’t have a ton of money to spend. Buying a used pistol is a good way to go.

Inexpensive Carry Guns – Sig P250

Are you in the market for inexpensive carry guns? Well look no farther.  The Sig P250 is great choice.

My First Gun

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester A Trip Down Memory Lane with My First Gun The other night my 13 year old daughter and I sat down to clean some guns we had shot during our recent trip to the range. We had three total to clean up, and she was going to […]

Concealed Carry While Carrying a Baby

This isn’t something guys think about – concealed carry while carrying a baby. It doesn’t have to be an either or choice.  There are some things to think about and precautions to take when you mix guns and especially young kids.

Lights and Lasers for Guns

This is a  guest post by Scott Sylvester Lights, Lasers, Action! As a defensive firearm instructor I have been asked for my opinion about lights and lasers for guns used for daily carry and home defense. Well, you asked for it, so here it goes: Yes, and Yes!

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