The Best Home Defense Pistol

The best home defense pistol is the one you have next to you when the thugs break your door down.  best home defense pistols

You probably thought that this was going to be a discussion of revolver versus semi automatic or Glock versus Springfield Armory.  Those are discussions for another post.

Convenience versus Reliability versus Accuracy

You have to balance convenience, reliability and accuracy.  A nice snub nose .38 special is great for convenience and reliability.  You will hardly notice it in a waist or ankle holster.  You squeeze the trigger and 99.99% of the time it is going to go off for all five rounds.  That’s the problem though, it only has five rounds.  Also, with its snub nose barrel, it’s not that accurate.

A nice Glock 21 is great for firepower and accuracy.  You got almost three times the number of rounds of the .38.  At the same time, the Glock is a big hunk of iron on your hip.  If you haven’t made the decision of it being the best pistol for you, you might “forget” it in the bedroom instead of carrying it around the house with you.

The point is you have to have a clear understanding of pros and cons of the weapon you decide on.  Back in driver’s ed you learned not to push a car past its abilities or your abilities.  It’s the same with your home defense pistol.  Carrying a revolver, make sure your shots count.  Carry a big bore semi auto, get the equipment so that you can have it handy so it is next to you when you need it.

The best home defense pistol is the one you can shoot accurately, carries enough rounds to meet the threat and that you will have near you when you actually need it.

Let us know in the comments what is the best home defense pistol for you.


Photo Credit – Josh Taylor

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