How to Build Your Own Glock Pistol

The Glock is no doubt the pistol of choice among every interested firearms enthusiast or concealed carry user. With its simple design, remarkable reliability, ease of operation, superior durability and lightweight construction, the Glock is considered one of the best handguns. What makes the Glock so special?

While there are other handguns, you can actually build your own Glock pistol. With the right Glock kit and parts which you can legally buy, you can build your own Glock from home, and when finished well, enjoy a gun that shoots well and functions perfectly. Here are some simple tips on how to build your own Glock.

Get the Right Glock Kit

To start your Glock build, you need to get the Polymer80 PF940 unfinished pistol frame kit that includes drill bits, a jig, and an end mill. With this kit, you can literally build your own Glock pistol with basic tools that you already have in your home garage. You can easily buy a full-sized frame kit that is similar in size to the Glock 17 or a compact frame that is similar to the G19 pistol. It’s important to understand that while parts in the Polymer80 Glock kits may match the frames and guns made by Glock, external sizes are often different.

For instance, Glock 19 holsters may not fit Glock pistols built on the Polymer80 compact frame. In such cases, you may have to opt for a customized rig to carry your finished pistol. Internal components like the trigger assembly don’t come with the kits. You have to purchase the right parts and the correctly sized Glock magazine for your project.


Build Tools

A DIY Glock 19 build requires no special tools. In most cases, you will just need a hand drill, a dremel handheld rotary tool, a drill press with an X-Y vise, a finishing file, fine grit sandpaper and some shooter lube oil. While there are a number of ways that you can use to finish your Glock pistol frame, Glock kits come with detailed instructions on how best to build your Glock pistol.


Building Your Own Glock Pistol

Sanding and Filing Your Frame

Use a Dremel handheld rotary tool with a sanding drum to take off any excess polymer on the Glock frame forward of the locking block area, as well as the cross member support just forward of the locking block area. The provided jig should be used to make sure you don’t remove too much material. Once you’re done with the sanding process, use the finish file and sandpaper to smoothen out the edges of the Glock frame and give your pistol a more refined look.

Milling Out the Rear Slide Rails

The next step involves milling out the rear slide rails. First, lock the Glock frame and jig into a slide vise and triple check to be sure that the alignment in the drill press is correct You can mill out the rear slide rails using the slide vise to move the Glock pistol frame, and the included end mill in the Glock kit to do the necessary milling. Once you’re done with both sides, use your finishing file and sandpaper to give it a better look.

Drilling the Holes on Each Side

With the pistol frame firmly secured in the jig, it’s time to drill the three holes on each side of the Glock frame so you can properly install the locking block and other internal components of your gun. A hand drill is recommended for the drilling process. Make sure that you drill on each side instead of drilling all the way through both sides. When done, clean up the holes with a little sandpaper.

Installing the Parts of Your Gun

The last step is installing the parts to complete your Glock build. While the locking block will be tight, everything else installs easily. When fitting the side to the Glock frame, you’ll need to make some simple adjustments. If the slide is riding the rear rails too tightly, you can do some more filing and sanding to ensure a better fit.

Legality Questions

Federal law allows you to build your own Glock pistol for your personal use. Should you decide to give it away or sell it, you have to meet some legal requirements that include engraving it with a serial number. When building your Glock pistol, it’s recommended that you use OEM Glock parts. The more you stray from the specific build parts that the Polymer 80 PF940 frame was developed to use, the more you increase the chances of facing potential problems.


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