What ATF Regulations Mean for You as a Gun Owner

In terms of firearms, the ATF provides licenses to sellers, conducts firearms inspections, traces weapons, and works with other law enforcement agencies to help prevent any unlawful possession of firearms.

How to Build Your Own Glock Pistol

Looking for quality Glock parts or a complete Glock 19 kit for your DIY Glock 19 Build? Find high-quality parts for your custom Glock build at 5D Tactical.

Stand Your Ground: Knowing Your Second Amendment Rights

The question that many stand your ground law proponents ask now is whether or not a change in the way the Second Amendment is legally interpreted, going back to collective rights theory, what impact would that change have to stand your ground laws.

10 Common Conceal & Carry Mistakes

Keep your weapon on you at all times. Do not take your gun off and put in under the seat of your vehicle or in your glovebox. Don’t put your weapon in a purse or backpack. Not only does this leave your weapon not readily accessible, you also risk the gun getting lost or stolen.

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