Don’t Roam Your Home

Guest Post by John Payne, Jr. – A Good Guy with a Gun


More and more I’m seeing commercials or “funny” vids showing homeowners engaging possible intruders in all areas of their property – NOT generally a good idea, amigos.

I teach my concealed carry and handgun students the best thing to do in a situation such as this is to LEAVE the home immediately if you have a clear “safe route,” say to a car via an attached garage, that ALL in the house can reach. There’s nothing worth DYING FOR in your house if you have you and your loved ones out, and you can file an insurance claim later. And you have no idea how many perps there may be, and exactly what they are armed with.

If you can’t do that, have a planned “safe room,” usually the master bedroom that everyone rallies in. Call 911 and tell them your exact numbers and location in the home and that you are armed, and leave the line open so everything is recorded. Announce loudly to the intruder that you are armed, the police have been called, and tell the intruder to leave immediately.

One should NEVER “roam around” one’s property “looking for bad guys” – more “roaming” homeowners get shot by responding police because they are mistaken for the perp. Only move about if you need to collect a loved one (infant, elderly) into the safe room. (editorial note from Home Defense Gun – Roaming around is also a good way to shoot one of your loved ones in the dark.)

Have a “final line” in your mind where you will be physically and mentally prepared to shoot. Usually that could be the door threshold of the safe room. In your mind, “if he crossed that, I fire until he is down!”

Following these steps you and yours will be safe, alive, and pretty much “bulletproof” yourself regarding the justified shooting if some asshole prosecutor charges you with anything!

Semper Fi,

John Payne, Jr., LtCol, USMC (Ret) is A Good Guy with a Gun (AGGWAG).   He writes about one “Good Guy’s” lifelong exposure to firearms, and the teachings and responsibilities that come with them. From early hunting trips just watching his Dad, to NRA-sponsored 4-H rifle instruction, his first shotgun and rifle, bagging small game in the Deep South, Marine Corps boot camp, Fleet Marine Force rifle and pistol matches as a young enlisted Marine, close-quarter battle training, civilian concealed-carry weapons (CCW) permits, carrying a weapon in multiple combat zones, and now serving SE Arizona as a certified NRA instructor teaching marksmanship, self-defense, and gun safety – guns and the responsibilities they impart have helped shaped who he is as a productive and responsible American. He looks forward to meeting you on his Facebook page often. Feel free to “Like,” and share your positive and inspirational stories about the weapons, tactics, training, scenarios, and philosophies you’ve experienced, and the freedoms in your lives they help insure. Check out and LIKE his Facebook page – A Good Guy with a Gun

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