Getting a Good Pistol Grip

You can pretty much shoot one shot out of a semi auto pistol holding it anyway you want and as long as your sight alignment and trigger squeeze are good you will hit dead on. However, getting a good pistol grip is critical if you want to be accurate with follow on shots.

How to Use a Flashlight with a Handgun

  It takes a bit of practice to use a flashlight with a handgun. Most people don’t have a tactical light attached to their pistols and if you conceal carry, it’s pretty much impossible.

Shooting for Survival

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for the old FBI training videos. There’s a lot of wisdom in them. We found a good one, “Shooting for Survival.” This one concentrates on shooting from cover. Remember the old saying, “If you are shooting from behind cover, you should be moving towards it.”

Fight the Flinch

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester I’ve seen shooters at all levels that struggle to some degree with “flinching,” or what we commonly call anticipation.

Firearm Fundamentals

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester No matter how great of a shooter you are… or think you are, the one common thread that determines success on the range is a solid understanding and practice of the 7 Firearms Fundamentals.

Proper Trigger Pull

Proper trigger pull is one of the foundational skills you have to master if you want to be accurate. If you don’t get it down, you will jerk the trigger and constantly miss.

Instinctive Shooting

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Instinctive Shooting or Point Shooting or Unsighted Fire Shooting a handgun without using your sights may seem like voodoo magic to a lot of shooters. While it is a difficult skill to master it is not really magic or difficult if you apply your fundamentals of handgun […]

How to Grip a Semi Automatic Pistol

How to Grip a Semi Automatic Pistol Along with sight picture and trigger squeeze, grip is one of the factors which will determine your accuracy.

One Handed Shooting

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester One Armed Man – One Handed Shooting Despite what I’m doing it always seems like I have something I need to carry. Be it a folder, grocery bag, holding a door, holding a phone or my daughter’s hand, I usually have something in my non-gun hand. If […]

Pistol Shooting from the Prone Position

Shooting from the prone position is a skill you should work on. You don’t see a lot of people on the range practicing it.

Why Going to the Range is a Waste of Time

Going to the range is a waste of time, at least for most people. What happens is that they go out with their ammo that they paid  a load of money for, pay the range fees and do what they always do at the range.

How to Shoot Better

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Stare – Study – Steal In the majority of my articles I discuss the importance of training, reasons why you need to train regularly, and how to find quality trainers. While taking a course from a local certified instructor is very important, as is practicing what you […]

Another Way to Think About Muscle Memory

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Training is Insulation (Developing Muscle Memory) I’m constantly fascinated by how delicately intricate, yet powerful the human brain is. When I began my journey of becoming a teacher / trainer I never expected to find myself studying neurology. While becoming a brain surgeon is very low on […]

How to Manage Recoil

It would be really easy if when you shot a gun it just didn’t move. The trouble is that it doesn’t. You have to learn how to manage recoil. Now recoil isn’t something you have to be afraid of. You just have to acknowledge it’s going to occur and learn to handle it or manage […]

Good Drill for Trigger Finger Discipline

Trigger finger discipline is a skill that we should work at. Jerking the trigger is one of the main causes of misses.

What You Need to Know about Weak Hand Shooting

“It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi Berra Just because you got hit in a gunfight doesn’t mean it’s over. In the military we trained all the time for weak hand shooting so that we could continue to fight. This is a critical skill you need to practice if you want to be able […]

Advanced Pistol Training

  Another good video from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) on advanced pistol training.

How to Survive a Gunfight

We found an oldie but a goodie on how to survive a gunfight. The weapons may change but the principles don’t. This video is a compilation of old FBI training videos. Not to over exaggerate, these tips could save your life!

Shooting from Cover

“Every shootout is better with cover!” When it comes to a gunfight, even more important than the skill of shooting is not getting shot. Way too often we teach people to shoot on the flat range without thinking about always taking cover.  Moving to cover and shooting from cover should be a part of all […]

What You Need to Know about Trigger Press

This a guest post by Scott Sylvester Trigger Press Properly This week I had a discussion with some fellow firearms instructors about the proper way to apply one of the fundamentals, Trigger Control. In a variety of students this is a pretty hard one to master without a lot of practice, so in this discussion […]

The Great Ammunition Shortage

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Mike S. It has been called the “Great Ammunition Shortage of 2013”, spurred on by fears of governmental gun control and panic-buying, shooters have been unable to find common ammunition with which to train. When it comes to shooting, the only way you can improve is with practice.

Lights and Lasers for Guns

This is a  guest post by Scott Sylvester Lights, Lasers, Action! As a defensive firearm instructor I have been asked for my opinion about lights and lasers for guns used for daily carry and home defense. Well, you asked for it, so here it goes: Yes, and Yes!

Moving Target Drills

Real life is never like shooting at the flat range.  You need moving target drills to get your proficiency and accuracy to where it needs to be. The threat, whether it is a rapist or a drug fueled home invader will not hold still for you.  Also shooting and moving will make you a harder […]

The Civilian Marksmanship Program Scholarship

The demise of the Civilian Marksmanship Program has been reported in the news but is not true. It is still up and running and sticking to its mission of promoting firearm safety and marksmanship training with an emphasis on youth. One of its great programs is its CMP Scholarship. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers […]

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