Proper Trigger Pull

Proper trigger pull is one of the foundational skills you have to master if you want to be accurate. If you don’t get it down, you will jerk the trigger and constantly miss.

Drawing from a Holster

To get good at drawing from a holster you need consistency. You want to do the same thing every time.

Why Going to the Range is a Waste of Time

Going to the range is a waste of time, at least for most people. What happens is that they go out with their ammo that they paid  a load of money for, pay the range fees and do what they always do at the range.

Trigger Control Drill

Trigger control is one of the skills you have to master if you want to shoot accurately.  You can easily miss an intruder at 7 to 10 yards inside your house if you jerk the trigger.

How Not to Let a Negligent Discharge Happen!

There is a difference between negligent discharges and accidental discharges. An accidental discharge is when a gun inadvertently fires due to a mechanical breakage or malfunction. Honestly, accidental discharges don’t happen too often. A negligent discharge is when is when a gun inadvertently fires due to user error such as breaking one of the firearm […]

A Free and Easy Way to Improve Your Shooting

Not everyone has the money to go to the range every day to improve your shooting let alone every weekend. Just think how good you would be with your pistol if you shot every day.

Moving Target Drills

Real life is never like shooting at the flat range.  You need moving target drills to get your proficiency and accuracy to where it needs to be. The threat, whether it is a rapist or a drug fueled home invader will not hold still for you.  Also shooting and moving will make you a harder […]

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