How to Survive a Gunfight

how to survive a gun fight

We found an oldie but a goodie on how to survive a gunfight. The weapons may change but the principles don’t. This video is a compilation of old FBI training videos. Not to over exaggerate, these tips could save your life!

Here are some of the points covered:

Take cover – If you aren’t behind cover you should be moving toward it.

Practice firing from cover – You can’t do this too much. Your training should reflect what you are going to do in real life.

Understand how ricochets behave – In the military, we were taught not to hug walls in hallways due to “rabbit rounds” which would follow the wall down the length of the hallway. Make sure you watch the demonstration of how a ricochet travels.

Shotguns are not beginner guns – You need to train with a shotgun just as much if not more than other firearms. You have to know and understand it. Click here for how to pattern a shotgun.

You need to be fast and accurate close up – Fast and accurate close up shooting is developed by a lot of dry fire to create muscle memory. You need to be able to take a shot anywhere from the draw up into the ready position. You will only be able to do this if you practice to keep the barrel level as you bring the weapon up.

Now before anyone has a fit, the particular shooting positions and grips are different in the video. We tend to do things differently these days.  Just concentrate on the principles. Check out the video and tell us about your thoughts in the comments.

Looking for a training guide to develop the high-speed tactical shooting skills you need? Click here.



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