Moving Target Drills

Real life is never like shooting at the flat range.  You need moving target drills to get your proficiency and accuracy to where it needs to be.moving target drills The threat, whether it is a rapist or a drug fueled home invader will not hold still for you.  Also shooting and moving will make you a harder target and keep you alive long enough to eliminate the threat.

My friend David Morris of “Dry Fire Training Cards” fame has a great drill to develop the muscle memory for shooting on the move especially in your own home.

Lunge and Shoot

  1. Make sure you have a safe weapon with no live ammo anywhere on you or in the area.  If you have a weapon that doesn’t like dry fire get some snap caps to use.
  2. Set up a 6″ bullseye target at the end of a hallway.
  3. Take your place at the other end of the hallway at least 10 -12 feet away.
  4. Engage the target and do a lunge toward the target. A lunge is a big step forward, bringing your back knee down or almost down to the floor moving forward into another standing position.
  5. Get the front sight back on the target and engage it in all parts of the lunge – partway as you’re stepping into the lunge, when your rear knee is on ground, on the way back up to standing position, and again when you’re standing up.
  6. Take a step back to your original position and repeat the drill with the other foot starting out.

The great part of the drill is that if forces your brain to take into account a lot of different things at once – your body position, the target, trigger control, the effort to do the lunge, etc. You should concentrate on balance and the sight picture (at least the front sight.)

David has ton more drills that will get you smooth, fast and accurate.  You can check them out here -> Dry Fire Training Cards.

What other moving drills do you know? Tell us about them in the comments.


Photo Credit: anemptygun via Compfight cc

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