Why Going to the Range is a Waste of Time

Going to the range is a waste of time, at least for most people.dry fire

What happens is that they go out with their ammo that they paid  a load of money for, pay the range fees and do what they always do at the range.

I am pretty certain the set of drills (if they do any drills) are the same ones they have been doing for the last ten years or so.

They might mix it up a bit with what they see the guy or gal on the next lane doing. The trouble is they don’t know why that person is doing the drill or even it will help them get better.

Back when I was in the military we got ready for the range back in the unit area.

We would plan out what we wanted to work on and do dry fire drills to make sure we had the movements down before we went out to the range so we weren’t wasting time or drilling in the wrong movements.

You can do the same for yourself with the Dry Fire Cards – https://homedefensegu1.wpenginepowered.com/dryfirecards

Don’t go out to the range cold. Get some warmup and then spend a great time working on what you want to work on.

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