How to Use a Flashlight with a Handgun

  It takes a bit of practice to use a flashlight with a handgun. Most people don’t have a tactical light attached to their pistols and if you conceal carry, it’s pretty much impossible.

What to Do With a Bedside Gun

What should you do with a bedside gun? The idea of having a bedside gun so that if you hear a bump in the night you can clear the house sounds good. It’s just not very practical or safe.

Shotgun vs Pistol for Home Defense

There’s always a done of debate of shotgun vs pistol for home defense. Stopping power, penetration, ballistics all come into the discussion.

Revolvers for Self Defense

Wheel Guns are Real Guns When Clint Smith recommends revolvers for self defense people should listen. Clint is one of the national experts on defensive shooting in the country and runs Thunder Ranch.

Tap, Rack and Bang

The last thing you want to happen when you are firing your pistol is that sickening click or short recoil and see the round stove piped in the top of your automatic.  What is worse that this happening is not knowing what to do – Tap, rack and bang. With most everything involving gunfights, you […]

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