Advanced Pistol Training

advanced pistol training


Another good video from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) on advanced pistol training.

There is an introduction about the FLETC that you can skip but I recommend it for some training ideas. The pistol training starts about 5:37 into the video.

Basically the Tactical Advanced Pistol Program (TAPP) stresses aggressive, rapid, overwhelming fire. A lot like the speed, surprise, violence of action doctrine I learned in Special Operations.

I like the theme of domination. Dominate the weapon, dominate the opponent, dominate the situation, dominate all visual areas. It gives a good overall representation of what you need to train on if you want to be proficient with your home defense guns.  Now this video is not a training program for that. I suggest this for you to get started.

Watch the video and let us know what you learned in the comments.

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