Do You Make These Concealed Carry Mistakes

Unless you have taken a CCW class there is a good chance you might be making at least one of these concealed carry mistakes. Even with a class, you dropping a gunmight have gotten some bad info and have fallen into one of these.

I found a great video that talks about somethings you should keep in mind when carrying.  Now I don’t totally agree with all of these but there are a couple I hadn’t thought of e.g. injuring your back with a SOB carry.

Here is a summary of what he talks about:

  1. Mexican Carry – Carrying the weapon in the waistband with no holster
  2. Pocket Carry – Carrying without a holster is an all around bad idea
  3. SOB Carry – Small of back carry. Bad for your back if you fall on it and not good for weapons retention
  4. Shoulder Carry – Lots of shoulder holsters are worn improperly and weapon is not pointed in safe direction when first drawn from holster
  5. Cheap, nylon holster – Guns will fall out
  6. Too many retention straps on holster
  7. Not practicing with retention straps/system
  8. Gym Bag Carry – Tossing a gun into any sort of bag and not keeping it in your control
  9. Ankle Carry – Having your gun in an cheap ankle holster and not practicing the draw. (I like ankle carry for a secondary weapon or in autos)

Check out the video. He gives a good explanation each of the mistakes. It is worth watching for the captions anyway.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these concealed carry mistakes.

concealed carry mistakes

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