Gun Cleaning 101

Here is a good guide to Gun Cleaning 101. If you got guns you got to clean them – at least every once in a while.gun cleaning 101

I found a good video to give you an intro to what you need to know about gun cleaning. I agree with a lot of what he talks about.

First you don’t really have to clean all the time. In the military we shot 1,000s and I mean 1,000s of rounds a week and only cleaned at the end of the week. The weapons worked fine. As he mentions on the video, you can clean too much and loosen up the parts.  Also, if you are carrying it on you, you will want it clean enough so that you don’t have oil or powder stains on your clothes.

Some highlights from the video:

  1. Get the crud off the gun before you spray solvent or CLP all over it.
  2. Qtips are your best friendgun cleaning 101
  3. Clean your magazines every once in a while
  4. Don’t over oil!

One thing he doesn’t mention that I like to use is compressed air. A can of compressed air with the tube is good for getting out sand and junk without getting it too oily.

Get yourself a nice cleaning kit like one of the Hoppes ones and get started.

Make sure you watch the video, he has some great tips in it. Let us know in the comments any other gun cleaning tips you know.

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