The Top Ten Items for Your Range Bag

Range time is precious and unless you are one of the lucky ones who can shoot in their back yard, you need to make sure you have the Man shooting  on an outdoor shooting rangeneeded items for your range bag. The last thing you want is to drive for an hour and find out you have left behind something for your day of shooting.

1. Range Bag

I am counting your range bag as a item you should have on your checklist.  First of all a dedicated range bag will make sure you can store all the rest of the items inside of it in between range visits.  Another important reason to have a dedicated bag is that you are items for your range baggoing to be carrying ammunition inside of it. I personally know people who have been stopped by the TSA while traveling because they had a loose round in their carry on bag left over from a trip to the range. You don’t even need a round in in the bag. The powder residue is enough to register if they decide to swap the bag.  You don’t need this hassle!

I like Rangemaster bags.  We have given them away here on the blog as part of sweepstakes program.  They have good compartments for all the things you need. There are magazines pouches, places for pistols, etc.  You don’t have to have a bag like this, but I really encourage you to have a separate range bag.

2. Eyes and Earsitems for your range bag

You need basic eye and ear protection.  Besides the fact that most ranges will require it, you need to have it anyway for yourself and anyone else who is coming with you to the range. I know it can be tempting to skip on the eye protection, but a piece of brass, blowback from a malfunction can cause you to lose an eye.  It might not even be yours, it could be the person shooting next to you.

You can get some nice kits out there that have both hearing and eye protection for a reasonable amount of money.  I always recommend carrying some foam ear protection just in case.

3. Cleaning Kit and Lubrication

Get yourself a nice little cleaning kit to take with you. Make sure you have a rod big enough for your weapons, rags, a toothbrush, items for your range bagand oil for your guns. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just enough that your range trip isn’t ruined by a malfunctioning gun.

items for your range bag

 4. Weapons Tool

Bring along a nice multipurpose tool for the malfunctions and any other work you need to do out on the range bench.

5. Stapler, Staples, and Pins

Make sure you pack a good staple gun with a couple extra boxes of staples.  A nice backup is to bring along a container of push pins.  Spray adhesive is a good idea for windy days.

6. Targets

Pack along a good supply of your favorite target – bulleyes, man shape, lucky charms etc.  A good cheap option is a pad of butcher block paper and a couple cans of spray paint. Just put up a sheet of paper and spray dots on the paper.

Depending on the range, you may or may not need stands and/or backboards. These won’t fit in your range bag, just make sure you have them along.

7. Extra Ammo and Magazinesmagazine versus clip

Don’t show up at the range with everything else to discover you forgot ammo.  Bring along extra in case you start having fun and want to extend the day.

Magazines are a touchy subject. Make sure you understand your state and local rules on magazine capacity. Make sure the ones you bring out to the range meet whatever the law requires. You don’t know who else is on the range with you…

8. Extra Ammo Boxesitems for your range bag

Chances are you are going to not shoot a full box of ammo. You will end up with spare rounds. Bring along a plastic ammo box to keep from having rounds rolling around in your range bag.

9. Shooting Rests and Mats

items for your range bagMake sure you bring along a rest and/or mat for your weapon(s).  You don’t want to have to lay your gun down in the dirt.  A bipod is good for a rifle. I suggest a gun mat for both rifles and pistols. This will keep the dust and dirt off them from shooting tables.


 10. Comfort Items

Make sure you bring along what you need to make the range a comfortable experience.  Check out the temperatures.  For hot days, you will probably need a hat, definitely need water.  Cold days will mean gloves, enough layers of clothing to make sure you can keep warm but still shoot.  Bring along some food (snack bars, etc) so that you can will be able to keep going and get the most out of your trip to the range.

First Aid Kit

Make sure you have a first aid kit for your car/range bag.  You should have everything from band-aids to trauma packs.  You can buy complete bags over on Amazon, like this one.

A great day on the range is all based on making sure you have everything you need with you. We’ve created a Range Bag Checklist you can print out and take along with you.

Let us know in the comments if you bring anything else with you to the range.

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