What You Need to Know about Defensive Shooting

Defensive shooting is a lot different from shooting on the flat range on a nice sunny day. You might have moving targets. It might be at night. Your adrenaline will be pumping, so on and so on.

Guns and The Bible

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Pat Guns and the Bible As a CCW instructor, I am asked a lot of interesting and thought provoking questions. Recently, I have been doing a lot of my classes for church groups, and many of the questions have centered on whether or not it is appropriate for Christians to […]

The Tueller Drill

  The Tueller drill is also known as the 21 foot drill. 21 feet is the distance that most people call close in as far as self defense purposes. It only takes a determined attacker 1.5 seconds to cover 21 feet.  It is a drill that trains you to get your weapon out in time.

End of the World Guns You Need to Have

End of the World Guns Now I am not into zombies or vampires or anything like that. I am not even positive if the end of the world is coming. What I do know is that there is a great chance of natural disasters or civil unrest.

How to Survive a Gunfight

We found an oldie but a goodie on how to survive a gunfight. The weapons may change but the principles don’t. This video is a compilation of old FBI training videos. Not to over exaggerate, these tips could save your life!

The Best Place to Keep Your Gun

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Where’s the best place to keep your gun? For many years of my misspent youth I worked as a bounty hunter. A gig like tracking down and arresting bond jumpers is a wonderfully fun activity for a guy in his twenties, but in addition to offering entertainment it teaches […]

AR-15 for Home Defense- Ideal Firearm?

We’ll probably have a lot of discussion on this. When looking at the AR-15 for home defense, some love it and some hate it. The people who love it tend to think of it as an all in one weapon with the ability to hold a large number of rounds, mount lights on it, and […]

Don’t Buy These 5 Guns for Home Defense

Over on Gun Nuts Media is an interesting post on 5 guns you shouldn’t buy. According to the post these are horrible guns for home defense or for just about anything.

Things to Think about When Living with Guns in Apartments

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Ashley Guns in Apartments Like many individual’s, I dream of owning a home and customizing it to exactly what I need or want. I would love to change my front window in the middle of the wall into a lovely little reading nook complete with bench, book shelving and storage […]

Silencers/Suppressors for Your Home Defense Gun

Another take on firearm suppressors for your your home defense gun by our staffer Bob. Bob makes a lot of good points. There are some good reasons for a suppressor – reducing noise and muzzle flash.. Just remember, don’t try to buy your way to marksmanship. You get there by training, dry fire and range […]

Gun Owners and Gun Violence

by Home Defense Gun Staffer David Gun owners and gun violence – the most polite people you will ever meet are at shooting ranges Something I have noticed is that some of the most polite and respectful people I have ever encountered are at a shooting range. People use please, thank you and excuse me. […]

Hunting Guns for Home Defense

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Hunting Guns for Home Defense I’m not trying to say buying guns isn’t a great hobby. Heck, I love to buy guns. Sometimes it seems like I’m better at buying them than using them. I have all the hallmarks of an avid gun buyer, including my own coffee cup […]

7 of the best 9mm Handguns for Home Defense

We found a great video on 7 of the best 9mm handguns for home defense. Now this is one guy’s opinion but he does list some good and bad of each one. It is worth going through.

What to Do When Travelling With Guns

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Ashley Traveling With Guns Most people have a favorite way to carry concealed for everyday carry. But is that everyday carry right for road tripping across the state or across several states?  I bring this up because I travel a lot for work and visiting family. I have learned that […]

Tales of the Gun Video

I stumbled on the Tales of the Gun video on YouTube from the History Channel documentary series. This episode deals with the legendary firearms designer John Moses Browning, arguably the most prolific and important designer in history.

The Browning Silver Lightning Shotgun for Home Defense

The Browning name is well known among shotgun enthusiasts for high quality, high performance, autoloading shotguns that feature superior fit and finish. Thus, with its distinctive semi-humpback receiver, the Browning Silver Lightning is a fitting tribute to its original predecessor, the Browning Auto 5 which was designed by John M. Browning in 1898.

The Home Defense Life and Traveling

There are some things you have to keep in mind if you have weapons for home defense.  One of the areas is traveling and making sure you are clear of any firearms, ammunition or residue if you are going through security checkpoints.

5 Thoughts on Gunfighting by Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp and Gunfights Wyatt Earp was at different times in his life a city policeman, county sheriff, a teamster, buffalo hunter, bouncer, saloon-keeper, gambler, brothel owner, pimp, miner, and a boxing referee. His story is a bit controversial, but it is generally accepted that he participated in many gunfights including the infamous Gunfight at […]

What to Believe About Stopping Power

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts There has been some discussion on “stopping power” of late so I think it’s time that we get a few things straight. First off, “stopping power” or “knockdown power” doesn’t exist. Velocity exists. Foot pounds exist. Momentum exists. Even tissue disruption can be quantified but there is […]

The Best Gun for Home Defense

The best gun for home defense is always a question that gets asked. We found a good video that discusses the different things you need to think about.

Why Your Hunting Gun May Not Be the Best Home Defense Weapon

By Home Defense Staffer Rob I’m not trying to say buying hunting guns isn’t a great hobby. Heck, I love to buy guns. Sometimes it seems like I’m better at buying them than using them. I have all the hallmarks of an avid gun buyer, including my own coffee cup down at the local gun […]

Can We Really Trust the Mossberg Maverick 88 for Home Defense?

The Mossberg Maverick 88 is a shotgun you will find for under $200.  People will question that a gun so cheap will do the job for home defense.

What You Need to Know about the Taurus Judge for Home Defense

If you hang around home defense people at all you are going to hear about having a Taurus Judge for home defense. Some love them, some think they are a joke. We found a good video that covers the Judge. 

AR15 versus AK47

AR15 Versus AK47 You will often hear people talking about rifles talk about the AR15 and the AK47 in the same breath. Well they are not really the same.

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