The Tueller Drill

the tueller drill


The Tueller drill is also known as the 21 foot drill. 21 feet is the distance that most people call close in as far as self defense purposes. It only takes a determined attacker 1.5 seconds to cover 21 feet.  It is a drill that trains you to get your weapon out in time.

Now make sure you understand, 21 feet has no reference in law. Just because someone is 21 feet or less away from, that doesn’t give you license to shoot. You have to know the laws of the area.

Also, 21 feet is not some magic force field, even if someone is more than 21 feet away they still could cover the distance to you before you can defend yourself.

If you want a course to develop the mindset needed for this kind of gunfight, click here.

We found a nice video on this. I especially like the idea of just not standing still and doing some sort of straigh draw. Knock them out of the way or even run away enough to get some distance.

Check out the video and let us know your experiences.

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