What You Need to Know about Defensive Shooting

Defensive shooting is a lot different from shooting on the flat range on a nice sunny day. You might have moving targets. It might be at night. defensive shootingYour adrenaline will be pumping, so on and so on.

Now that being said, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get someone started quickly to at least understand what they need to do and to protect themselves in case they need to.

I came up with this subject and thought it would simple to find a YouTube video to explain it. Well, I was wrong. There a lot on defensive shooting but I don’t like their approach. Too many want to train flat range techniques to get someone shooting paper targets.

So I finally found the video below. I like the approach in that it talks about these important topics:

  • How to control the gun
  • How to align the gun to get hits
  • Dealing with malfunctions
  • How to reload

This is going to get your spouse, loved one or anyone else at least able to get a gun from a location in a safe room and use it if need be. Don’t wait until they are blistering IPSC or IDPA standards. They need to use the weapon before then.

Of course, training should always continue both with dry fire and range work, hopefully moving work if the range will let you do it.

Remember – when the time comes you will have the rest of your life to get it right or not.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments if there is anything else you would teach someone about defensive shooting.

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