Your First Handgun – Revolver or Semi Auto?

So you’ve decided that a handgun is the way that you want to go for home defense, but are unsure of which direction to go in. You may have heard good things about semi-automatic pistols, and they sure are popular these days, in a variety of calibers. You might have also heard some positive things […]

Gun Safety Rules: For Those Who Know Guns

 This is a guest post by Dane’lle Southern. Always treat a gun as if it were loaded. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire. Never point the gun at something you aren’t willing to destroy. Know what is beyond your target. If you have a gun, you should know […]

Get Your Story Straight

This is a guest post from AJ Jensen Watch your mouth, man. Get your story straight. These days, social networking brings us all kinds of good things. We make new friends, we share pictures of kitty-cats and bacon, fight over politics and best of all, meet fellow hobbyists. Today I saw a story about a […]

Clearing Handgun Malfunctions

I found this nice video over on YouTube on clearing handgun malfunctions.  Even if you have been around guns for awhile, this is a good refresher about what to do when something goes wrong. What you don’t want to happen is have a malfunction and freeze when you most need your weapon.  I will keep […]

LaserLyte Shotgun Trainer

You have a shotgun for home defense and you know you need to train on it.  Going to the range is great, but it can be expensive to go as much as you really need to.  In any case, the range will never be able to simulate the conditions you will find in your own […]

Selecting a First Gun for a Woman

Cheryl Current gives some great tips for selecting the first gun for a woman.  Cheryl is a professional shooter so she knows what she is talking about and of course she can talk to their special needs. There are a lot of things that I like about what she says.  You should select a gun […]

Gun Safety For Kids

It is our right to keep and bear arms, but it is also our responsibility to do so safely. It only takes one little mistake to cause a big accident. You can’t neglect gun safety for kids, yours and others. Firearms safety is your responsibility and your duty, to our children and to ourselves. Every […]

Front Sight, Front Sight, Bang

This might be a controversial topic. Concentration on the front sight is long debated as effective. Well, I can only say that it works for me and worked for many years while I was dong high level close quarter combat (CQB) in the Special Forces. I learned to shoot in the military.  Started out in the […]

The Remington 870 Shotgun

I have had quite a few people ask me what kind of shotgun that I recommend as a home defense gun.  I have to say that I love the first one introduced to me in the military, the Remington 870 shotgun. I actually carried it on patrol a couple times and countless times used it […]

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

When I was in the Special Forces, every time we went to the shooting range we always would start out our safety brief with the Four Rules of Gun Safety: All guns are always loaded. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until your […]

Which Gun is the Best Gun for You

Nice video on what might be the best gun for you from Captain Berz at I like his emphasis on practicing on whatever gun you pick.  Remember you can’t miss fast enough. He gives practical advice of walking through your house and thinking about the different situations you might end up in. Also he […]

Home Defense Shotgun Tips

Don’t Rack the Slide! Tons of great shotgun tips in this video along with other practical advice. I especially like the discussion on not assuming that the bad buys are not going to act rationally.  Always assume the worst! Check out the video and let us know what you think about the shotgun tips.

Which Type of Handgun is Right For Me?

So you’ve decided that a handgun is the way that you want to go for home defense, but are unsure of which direction to go in. You may have heard good things about semi-automatic pistols, and they sure are popular these days, in a variety of calibers. You might have also heard some positive things […]

The Age Old Question – Which Gun is Best for Home Defense?

Asking which gun is best for any purpose is bound to get an argument going. As some wag once said “if you want to know the number of opinions in this gun club, just count the number of feet and divide by two.” Like many things, there is not one good answer. There are tradeoffs, […]

Training for Home Defense

Practice more than just target shooting for home defense There is a common saying in the boxing and mixed martial arts world: “Train like you fight, so you will fight like you train”. This saying is equally important for a concealed carry permit holder or anyone who is serious about protecting their home and family […]

Safety Considerations for Your Home Defense Rifle

Rifles are great home defense weapons. They will stop an intruder in his or her tracks. At the same time, there are some considerations you need to think about before you choose it as your primary home defense weapon. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.   […]

3 Shotgun Myths

So, you’ve decided to get a gun for personal and home defense, and now you are trying to decide what to get. You’ve heard good things about the shotgun as a defensive weapon, it was even endorsed by anti-gun vice president Joe Biden, and you are wondering if it is the right weapon for you. […]

Your First Home Defense Handgun

This is a guest post from Steve Dailey   You’ve reached that point where you feel you need to own a firearm; a home defense handgun to protect yourself, property, and family… whatever the case may be. How do you start the process; because the act of picking your first pistol can be an overwhelming […]

Top Four Reasons Why Your Hunting Rifle isn’t a Good Home Defensive Weapon

Rifles are great firearms, they are accurate, easy to shoot, and powerful. That said, your hunting rifle is not the best home defense weapon, and today we are going to count down some reasons why that is. Now don’t get me wrong, I like rifles and I own several of them, but they are not […]

Why Throw Stones When You Can Throw Boulders

This is a guest post from AJ Jensen. I carry a 45 because they don’t make a 46. That kind of he-man statements make me want to hurl in a bucket. One of my favorite games is going to a gun show, and telling some cartoonish gun dealer how I heard 9mm is more effective […]

Firearms and Home Defense for Newbies

If you have a family, you want to protect them.  In a society where crimes such as home invasions, robbery, rape, and murder happen every day, you must make a decision on the best method to keep your family safe.  You may call the police (assuming that you have time to dial and reach someone) […]

Your Home Defense Gun

Every homeowner should consider having a home defense gun. Times are coming when the homeowner will regret not having such a weapon. It may not be terrorists at the door, maybe only a marauding animal. In any case, having a home defense gun will give peace of mind to whoever has one. The choice then […]

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