End of the World Guns You Need to Have

End of the World Gunsend of the world guns

Now I am not into zombies or vampires or anything like that. I am not even positive if the end of the world is coming. What I do know is that there is a great chance of natural disasters or civil unrest.

Here in Washington State, the emergency management commercials on TV tell you to make sure you seven to ten days worth of supplies. That means you are on your own for at least seven to ten days before they even think about helping you if they can. People can get pretty onery after three days without food and water, just think about ten days and more.

I have told the story before that when I was in the military, I deployed to Northern Iraq for Operation Provide Comfort. Saddam Hussein had attacked the Kurdish people who had helped the Allies for Desert Storm.

What I saw was nasty. These were city people who had fled to the mountains. Most were not prepared to survive in the temperatures and environment. They drove their cars as far as they would go and then walked until they couldn’t walk anymore. Families were living in lean-tos with littlle to no food. Kids were suffering. I even found a family living inside of a gas tanker.

On the other hand, you had families with big tents, plenty of food. They also had weapons to protect what they had. They were prepared.

If you want a course on how to keep your family alive and safe, check out this one.

I got an email asking me what I recommend for end of the war pistols which got me thinking about what I think people should have for civil unrest.

I think there are two things you have to keep in mind – resupply and maintenance. You are going to have to be able to get more ammo. That means you should stick with one of the popular calibers. Also you should think about weapons which are pretty common so you can scavenge parts for yours.


With pistols, I would go with a M1911 type chambered in .45. I would either go with 9mm or .45 because of the resupply issue above. I would end up going with a M1911 because of the popularity of it and it is relatively easy to maintain.

Rifleend of the world guns

You need a rifle for bad times. You can reach out and touch people at a 100 yards or so and I wouldn’t want to go against multiple threats without a good rifle.

For a type, I debated this a bit. I am a big AK fan for its durability and easy of use. But because of the resupply aspect I would go with a AR15. You should be able to get 5.56 from the military, police or other home defenders.There are tons of AR5s out there so parts shouldn’t be an issue.

Those are my top two weapons. I considered a shotgun, but a rifle can do pretty much all I need as far as defense. I might consider a door breaching shotgun, but a sledge hammer will do the trick just as well.

Now I hope that I never have to pull these out. At same time, you don’t want to be in a situation where you need them and you don’t have them.

What weapons do you want for civil unrest, the end of the world, a zombie apocalypse. or (fill in the blank)?  Let us know in the comments.

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