What You Need to Know about the Taurus Judge for Home Defense

If you hang around home defense people at all you are going to hear about having a Taurus Judge for home defense. Some love them, some think they are a joke.taurus judge for home defense

We found a good video that covers the Judge.  The video reviewer is not a big fan of the gun. I am not either.  First of all, shooting shotgun rounds through a pistol is not the greatest of ideas. You are going to lose a lot of accuracy and power.  Obviously a pistol has a much shorter sight length than a shotgun.  You are shooting a 410 shotgun shell, you will have to hunt really far to find someone who has a 410 shotgun for home defense. It really is a compromise that doesn’t do you a ton of good.

Shooting the .45 Colt Long Rifle will increase your accuracy and power, but it is going to have a lot of recoil and it is going to be hard to get your front sight back on target quickly. On top of that .45 Colt is an expensive round so your range time is going to be limited.

Have a look at the video and let us know in the comments what you think about the Taurus Judge.



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