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The Mighty .357 Magnum

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts The Mighty .357 Magnum Patton carried one. The numbers 3, 5, 7 alone are synonymous with power. Few cartridges are as universally recognized and respected as the .357 magnum. People might debate 9mm vs. 45 ACP but no one argues the power, versatility, and ability of the […]

Home Defense Gun Safe

There is a fine line between having a gun available and keeping it safe from unauthorized users. A home defense gun safe can help you solve this problem.

CherryBalmz Weapon Lubricant Review

This is a guest post by Tarra Stoddard CherryBalmz Weapon Lubricant Review Let’s talk about something that’s important to all of us when it comes to our firearms: Reliability. Whether you are a competitive shooter or you carry your weapon for self-defense or your job, you still rely on the weapon to do what it […]

Is Over Penetration a Myth?

Is the whole over penetration issue a non issue? We have had quite a few posts on this page about ballistics and how rounds behave. One issue you always hear about is over penetration. What we are talking about is a round going through a threat and striking an innocent.

How to Grip a Semi Automatic Pistol

How to Grip a Semi Automatic Pistol Along with sight picture and trigger squeeze, grip is one of the factors which will determine your accuracy.

Sig Braces for Pistols

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts Sig braces for pistols – The ATF Says You’re Doing it Wrong When the “assault weapons” ban portion of the ’94 crime bill sunset in 2004, pistol ARs and AKs started to gain popularity. The ban prohibited pistols with a weight of more than 50 ounces. While […]

One Handed Shooting

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester One Armed Man – One Handed Shooting Despite what I’m doing it always seems like I have something I need to carry. Be it a folder, grocery bag, holding a door, holding a phone or my daughter’s hand, I usually have something in my non-gun hand. If […]

Grip, Stance and Sight Picture for Women

Of course everyone knows that women have different body types than men. That’s why a man’s grip, stance and sight picture might not work for a woman.

Shotgun vs Pistol for Home Defense

There’s always a done of debate of shotgun vs pistol for home defense. Stopping power, penetration, ballistics all come into the discussion.

Concealed Carry a Rifle

There are many scenarios where you might want to concealed carry a rifle. Professionals might be on a personal security detail (PSD). The rest of us might just not want to create a lot of attention. If you live in an apartment, you really don’t want to draw a lot of attention to the fact […]

Carrying a Pocket Pistol

It’s not the size of the gun in the fight, but the size of the fight in you. Carrying a pocket pistol might be your only choice in warm weather or have on clothing that doesn’t allow a bigger weapon.

NFA Devices for Home Defense

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts NFA Devices for Home Defense The problem with opinions is that people who really don’t have any clue what they’re talking about are happy to offer one. They’ll just repeat any old garbage that they’ve heard on a subject, no matter how ridiculous and unfounded.

Beginner’s Guide to Going to the Range

Going to the range for the first time can be intimidating. Some things, such as waving your weapon around will get you kicked off the range. Other things, like not bringing the proper equipment will just make for a wasted trip.

What is Sectional Density?

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts What is sectional density and why should I care? Yawn.  Those two words sound incredibly boring. Could we maybe talk about something more exciting like IPv6 subnetting or the subtleties of the EIC allowance in the 2014 tax year vice the 2013 tax year? Okay, it may […]

Concealed Carry Versus Open Carry

This is guest post by John Pemberton Concealed Carry versus Open Carry If you are carrying for personal defense, you should carry concealed.  As an average citizen, the benefits of carrying a firearm concealed far outweighs the benefits of carrying a handgun for the world to see.  

Pistol Shooting from the Prone Position

Shooting from the prone position is a skill you should work on. You don’t see a lot of people on the range practicing it.

Tactical Reloads

Do you practice tactical reloads with your semi auto pistol? What I am talking about is reloading before the weapon goes dry when the time and opportunity presents itself.

Drawing a Weapon in a Struggle

It’s a worst case scenario, but you need to know how to get out a weapon in a struggle.

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