Is Over Penetration a Myth?

over penetration

Is the whole over penetration issue a non issue?

We have had quite a few posts on this page about ballistics and how rounds behave. One issue you always hear about is over penetration. What we are talking about is a round going through a threat and striking an innocent.

What we are not talking about is missing the threat and the round either hitting a friendly or going through a wall and hitting a friendly. That’s called a miss.

The whole issue is that if you select a pistol round due to worry for over penetration you are compromising your weapon’s effectiveness. You should instead be working on your marksmanship.

There’s an excellent report done by a FBI agent that stresses that over penetration is greatly exaggerated and that the far greatest danger to friendlies is by stray round.¬† Download the report here.

We also found  good video that discusses over penetration. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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