CherryBalmz Weapon Lubricant Review

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CherryBalmz Weapon Lubricant Review

Let’s talk about something that’s important to all of us when it comes to our firearms:

Reliability. Whether you are a competitive shooter or you carry your weapon for self-defense or your job, you still rely on the weapon to do what it is made to do, each time you pull the trigger. A malfunction can, in the best case scenario, cost you critical time in a competition. At worst, it can cost you your life.

I tested CherryBalmz Weapons Lubricantsclaim that their greases could actually improve my gun’s reliability. I used the Ma Deuce Juice on my Sig P238, which previously had a history of at least one malfunction/jam per 50 rounds of rapid fire. Since applying the CherryBalmz, I have put approximately 2000+ rounds (combination factory ammo and hand reloads) downrange without a single malfunction! I fired it indoors and outdoors, put it away for a week at a time, took it out and used it again and again. I also talked to Sydney Rockwell, a junior shooter who is sponsored by CherryBalmz. She reported a similar experience—she had been using some reloaded lower-powered ammo that would often jam in her S&W M&P Pro, and after applying the Ma Deuce, ammo from that same batch cycled through without another malfunction.

So what makes CherryBalmz different? They did extensive research on how a lubricant needed to perform. They combined additives using tribological (the study of friction) science and lubricant engineering. CherryBalmz reduces friction instantly. The longer it has to work, the smoother your weapon’s mechanisms work. When you clean your guns  it takes less time, and less product than you could have imagined. Simply stated, the stuff is amazing. Plus, weapons lubricantafter your gun gets hot from firing, it smells like a cherry pie. Bonus!

Before volunteering here at the magazine, I worked in the lubricant industry. For more than a decade, I traveled nationwide, performing plant surveys. These surveys showed me the plants’ —and their lubricants’— weaknesses. So I’m a bit familiar with greases/oils and their purposes. When I look at a grease for a gun, I look at it a bit differently than an average consumer. I want to know the formula. What base and additives are in the package? One of the first things you will notice when you try CherryBalmz is the consistency of the grease. The thing that comes to mind is a childhood tale where the porridge is “just right!”  Yet, if you knock over this bowl, the porridge doesn’t spill!

The CherryBalmz line of products includes “Ma Deuce Juice”, which works great in every handgun you own, “Black Rifle Balm” (designed specifically for rifles and for use in the field where you may not have the time—or capability—of breaking down your weapon and lubricating it) and “Winter Balm”, for use in extremely cold climate conditions. The Ma Deuce and Winter Balm are a bit thicker in consistency than the Rifle Balm, which has a bit more “flow”.  All three greases stay put for an extraordinarily long period of time. All clean up with ease. And the product goes a long way—a few drops of the Rifle Balm, or a few dabs of either the Ma Deuce or Winter Balm will suffice to lubricate and protect your gun. At about $17 a jar, it’s well worth the investment, and will last someone who shoots once or twice monthly over a year.  Most importantly, the product actually DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO!! How novel of an idea is that?!  It increases reliability in your firearm by reducing friction.  The importance of this cannot be understated!

For firearms, its quite easy to know what you need in a grease or oil. You need performance and reliability.  You need something that will stay where you put it, (even when you don’t use it often!) reduce friction, and a product that does the best job at inhibiting corrosion, doesn’t harm plastic, rubber or finishes, displaces water, and —doesn’t force you to wear a suit and a mask while applying it!

The CherryBalmz website contains an immense amount of information pertaining to the science behind their product, and a comprehensive history of gun lubricants from their inception to present day use. It’s both informative and interesting, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. You may learn something! Visit their FB page: CherryBalmz Weapons Lubricants, and tell them that The American Woman Shooter sent you!


tarra stoddardTarra Stoddard Is a native of Greenville, S.C. & Dearing G.A.
I grew up on my grandparents hog farm. I was plowing fields on the tractor at eight, and learning shotgun skills. To date I’m a avid hunter of what, wild boar, along with ducks and deer. I enjoy this pastime with my husband and best friend. I currently teach SC CWP classes, and use any excuse possible to shoot! Currently working at “The American Woman Shooter” has been a perfect fit for my firearm passion. I urge all women to educate themselves in multiple facets of self-defense. Practice the skills you obtain then learn more!
Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra

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