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Picking the Right Gun for Your Spouse

  Well, really we mean don’t pick the gun for your spouse. Your spouse should pick out their own gun. Remember what is a good gun for you may or may not be a good gun for them.

How to Clean a Pistol

You can have the best pistol in the world and train all day but if your firearm isn’t maintained properly it may not work when you need it. We found a great video on how to clean a pistol.

What Not to Do When Shooting Semi-Auto Pistols

Your grip is extremely important when shooting semi auto pistols. Not just from a marksmanship and accuracy viewpoint ,but rather also from a safety point.

Don’t Make These Common Concealed Carry Mistakes

Concealed carry mistakes can happen to everyone all the way from the newest newbie to the person who has been carry for years.  As we have said before, you don’t know what you don’t know. You might not have been taught or told a critical element.

Racking a Slide Like a Woman

As we’ve said over and over again, men and women are different. Racking a slide can be a challenge for a woman. That doesn’t mean that women have to only shoot a revolver. They just have to rack it differently.

Glock’s Pocket Pistol

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Glock’s Pocket Pistol The ebb and flow of gun design has always interested me. For some reason the gun industry likes to take a concept, fuss with it, rework it and redefine it until the initial guns in the genre have little resemblance to their current brethren, at which […]

The Woman’s Guide to Choosing a Handgun

Home Defense Gun staffer Ashely has a video on a woman’s guide to choosing a handgun. I like how they talk about what a woman thinks about and what is important and what is not.

Range Bags for Ladies

Range Bags for Ladies Home Defense Gun staffer Ashely shows us what is in her range bag and that of her husband.

The Best Place to Keep Your Gun

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Where’s the best place to keep your gun? For many years of my misspent youth I worked as a bounty hunter. A gig like tracking down and arresting bond jumpers is a wonderfully fun activity for a guy in his twenties, but in addition to offering entertainment it teaches […]

.380s – Compact Guns for Females

We’ll say it over and over. Men and women have different needs when it comes to firearms. .380’s are good compact guns for females either around the house or as a concealed carry for women.  Remember, if it is uncomfortable you will find reasons not to carry it and won’t have it when your really […]

AR-15 for Home Defense- Ideal Firearm?

We’ll probably have a lot of discussion on this. When looking at the AR-15 for home defense, some love it and some hate it. The people who love it tend to think of it as an all in one weapon with the ability to hold a large number of rounds, mount lights on it, and […]

5 Reasons You Don’t Shoot Well

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester. What’s your excuse? Why don’t you shoot well as you should? As a firearms instructor it is always frustrating when you schedule a class, reserve range time, gather resources, and then cancel. While this is financially detrimental as an instructor, it makes me ponder a bit about […]

Don’t Buy These 5 Guns for Home Defense

Over on Gun Nuts Media is an interesting post on 5 guns you shouldn’t buy. According to the post these are horrible guns for home defense or for just about anything.

The 5 Home Defense Fundamentals

This post might be controversial. People often debate the home defense fundamentals. Often a good defense is better than a bad offense. We found a sensible video that talks about you should do in a home defense situation. Now matter what you think about taking a defensive posture, this is good advice for your family […]

5 Handguns You Should Own

We found a good video on 5 handguns you should own.  Now this isn’t my list but it’s a good discussion of different types of pistols.

How Not to Let a Negligent Discharge Happen!

There is a difference between negligent discharges and accidental discharges. An accidental discharge is when a gun inadvertently fires due to a mechanical breakage or malfunction. Honestly, accidental discharges don’t happen too often. A negligent discharge is when is when a gun inadvertently fires due to user error such as breaking one of the firearm […]

Things to Think about When Living with Guns in Apartments

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Ashley Guns in Apartments Like many individual’s, I dream of owning a home and customizing it to exactly what I need or want. I would love to change my front window in the middle of the wall into a lovely little reading nook complete with bench, book shelving and storage […]

7 Considerations for Buying a Handgun for a Woman

  We’ve talked before that men and women are different and have different needs and considerations when buying a handgun for women.

The Ruger Alaskan for Concealed Carry

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob The Ruger Alaskan for Concealed Carry Dirty Harry is basically the father of big bore, big gun, concealed carry. I say Dirty Harry instead of Clint Eastwood because it’s important to draw the line between the fictional character and a real person. Only a fictional character can do all […]

Can You Use a SKS for Home Defense?

Can you use a SKS for home defense? Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob takes on the topic. If you are short on money and can’t afford an AR15 and prefer a rifle over a shotgun, the SKS might be a good option for you.  

Are Short Barrels for Shotguns Better?

Home Defense Gun Staffer takes on the question of “Are short barrels for shotguns better?” 

How to Be Prepared for Home Invasions

You carry at home. You have a safe room in the house. All this is what you have heard is how to be prepared for home invasions. Well that’s all good. It’s sometimes the little things that determine whether you live or die.

Silencers/Suppressors for Your Home Defense Gun

Another take on firearm suppressors for your your home defense gun by our staffer Bob. Bob makes a lot of good points. There are some good reasons for a suppressor – reducing noise and muzzle flash.. Just remember, don’t try to buy your way to marksmanship. You get there by training, dry fire and range […]

Gun Owners and Gun Violence

by Home Defense Gun Staffer David Gun owners and gun violence – the most polite people you will ever meet are at shooting ranges Something I have noticed is that some of the most polite and respectful people I have ever encountered are at a shooting range. People use please, thank you and excuse me. […]

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