How Not to Let a Negligent Discharge Happen!

There is a difference between negligent discharges and accidental discharges. Negligent Discharge

An accidental discharge is when a gun inadvertently fires due to a mechanical breakage or malfunction. Honestly, accidental discharges don’t happen too often. A negligent discharge is when is when a gun inadvertently fires due to user error such as breaking one of the firearm safety rules.

We found a good video that walks you through one negligent discharge event. Watch the video all the way through. You need to understand how an event like can happen when you don’t expect. it.

A couple notes, always obey the rules of gun safety. Don’t try wazoo crap unless you are up to it both skill wise and physically. Also I think he could have done this with dry fire and/or a training laser instead of live ammo. At least do dry fire and/or lasers before you do wazoo stuff.

I like how they emphasize finger control. One thing she says is make the safe movements feel natural so when you do bad technique it feels unnatural. This is what dry fire is for. It creates good muscle memory.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments your experiences with negligent discharges.




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