Tales of the Gun Video

I stumbled on the Tales of the Gun video on YouTube from the History Channel documentary series. This episode deals with the legendary firearms designer John Moses Browning, arguably the most prolific and important designer in history.

The Facts on Handgun Lights

There is a lot of information out about handgun lights. You can read about all sorts of different types you can mount on your home defense pistol. 

The Home Defense Life and Traveling

There are some things you have to keep in mind if you have weapons for home defense.  One of the areas is traveling and making sure you are clear of any firearms, ammunition or residue if you are going through security checkpoints.

Keeping Kids and Guns Safe

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Ashley Keeping Kids and Guns Safe Recently one of the children of a family friend injured themselves with a revolver. What happened is a ten year old boy who has always proven to be responsible and thoughtful was given a revolver for Christmas. The father of the boy was not […]

What to Believe About Stopping Power

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts There has been some discussion on “stopping power” of late so I think it’s time that we get a few things straight. First off, “stopping power” or “knockdown power” doesn’t exist. Velocity exists. Foot pounds exist. Momentum exists. Even tissue disruption can be quantified but there is […]

10 Reasons to Buy a Gun Safe

At the first sight, you might not find it necessary to buy a gun safe. After all, a gun safe doesn’t seem to help other then keeping your guns in a confined area. Then, do you really need to spend dollars on buying one of these bulky safes?

Shooting from Cover

“Every shootout is better with cover!” When it comes to a gunfight, even more important than the skill of shooting is not getting shot. Way too often we teach people to shoot on the flat range without thinking about always taking cover.  Moving to cover and shooting from cover should be a part of all […]

The Best Gun for Home Defense

The best gun for home defense is always a question that gets asked. We found a good video that discusses the different things you need to think about.

The Great Stopping Power Hoax

The debate about caliber and stopping power is one that goes on and on.  Is the 9mm enough or do you carry a .45 because they don’t make a .46?

How to End Holster Problems

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester I constantly get asked by new and experienced shooters about holsters, the carry position of a firearm, and different retention devices on the market today. Living in the modern gun era in our nation we are blessed with a plethora of companies who manufacture excellent holsters. Which […]

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