10 Reasons to Buy a Gun Safe

At the first sight, you might not find it necessary to buy a gun safe. After all, a gun safe doesn’t seem to help other then keeping The GunVault MiniVault Deluxe Handgun Safeyour guns in a confined area. Then, do you really need to spend dollars on buying one of these bulky safes?

Well, if you go through the statistics of the children being killed each year because of poorly stored firearms, I’m sure you’ll definitely get a gun safe, at least for the safety of your children. Moreover, you can find several real stories of guns being stolen from a house, and then the stolen guns being used for various immoral crimes. In this article, we shall discuss on 10 good reasons to get a gun safe.

1. To keep your guns out of reach of your children

Various studies have revealed that over 1,000 children in America were killed or seriously injured because of poorly stored guns at their house, each year. Getting a gun safe to store firearms will prohibit your children to having accessto the firearms. This will eliminate the chance of accidental firings and will prevent unintentional killings or injuries.

2. To prevent your firearms from theft

A gun safe equipped with necessary anti-theft features will definitely prevent your antique or expensive guns from theft. For instance, a WWII pistol, from your grandfather, as a souvenir, is of sentimental value and you can’t afford to lose it. Storing the pistol in a gun safe will ensure its security.

3. To keep you guns safe from fire

Storing your firearms in a gun safe with good fire rating reduces the risk from fire-damages. Some gun safes are capable of resisting high temperatures of 18000F for 1 hour. This will obviously secure your firearms from being damaged by accidental household fires.

4. To keep other valuables safe

Don’t think that a gun safe is meant only for storing guns. You can use the security and fireproof features of a gun safe to prevent gun safedamage of other valuables like documents, expensive watches, jewelry, and so on.

5. To have a quick access to your firearms

When it comes to having a quick access to your firearms whenever you need it, it becomes really important for you to buy a gun safe. If you feel that some intruders are nearing your house, what you just need to do is opening the lock of the safe, and no sooner you will be with your gun.

6. To follow the ‘Child Access Prevention Laws’

Since 1989, several state laws have been made to prevent access of guns by children, and the Child Access Prevention Law is one of them. This law also constrains gun owners to lock their firearms in a safe place, like gun safes, so that their children can’t play with them. So, if you’re a gun owner, you must buy a gun safe.

7. To follow ‘Firearm Locking Device Laws’

Many states require locking up your firearms, even if you don’t have kids at your home. This law insures the storage of all the firearms at one place, most preferably in a safe.

8. To protect yourself from lawyers

In the event of burglary, you have a strong point to demonstrate that you undertook necessary actions to securely store your firearms, and no lawyer can file a lawsuit against you. But if you don’t have a gun safe, it’s rather difficult for you to get yourself away from lawyers.

9. Decoration

Nowadays, gun safe manufacturers are giving priority also to the overall look of the gun safes, besides just the security. Keeping gun safes at the corner of your room can actually decorate that part of your room.

10. Tax Deduction

Some states provide a tax credit on purchasing a gun safe. States like New Jersey and Massachusetts don’t even charge any tax on buying a gun safe.

So, these were the 10 reasons why you should by a gun safe.


Source – Top Gun Safe Review

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