How Safe is to Carry a Concealed Carry Handbag?

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Women love their handbags more than anything else exists in this world. It’s just not an customary bag for them in fact, they consider it as the essential part of their body. The trend of carrying concealed carry bag is getting popular among them these days.

For some this might be a status symbol, but for others it means everything. And they don’t even nudge to bear the high cost to retain them. It is very useful to carry and loaded with hefty benefits which we will be revealing.

Are they mandatory to carry along?

Well, it is not mandatory to carry them all the time but it is advisable to do so. They serve the aspiration of safety as well as security. For an example: If you are working during long night hours and after you finish your duties when the time comes to go home at that specific time the chances of getting robbed is higher as compared to the other time period.

Specifically, at late night hours time, people under the influence of drugs roam here and there and looks for an opportunity to threat and snatch some valuables of others. So, if you have concealed carry bag stays with you then you can hide some safety element like peppermint spray.

Which you can spray into their eyes and can either look for a safe place to hide or get some help by calling the cops. It is always recommended to implemented such practice for self safety purpose.

Are they pretty hefty to carry?

It all relies upon what kind of items you store in them. There is an appropriate guidance which you can follow to make it more worth full:

Analyze your priorities:

It is always advisable to plan your next day before going to sleep at night. This will be very helpful to practice and accordingly you would prioritize the list of items you want to carry.

According to a survey, By practicing this act, 80% of women across the world have been successful to reduce the extra weight from their Concealed carry bag. So this way items which means a lot will stay and the rest of the items can wait for their turn.

Match the design as per your choice:

Whether the bag is heavy or not it all depends upon its form of design as well. At most of the bags some unnecessarily items are attached which can be dismantled by you for further benefits or you can get the help of professional to remove them in case you are not familiar with the procedure.

So the streamline is choosing the bag wisely and according to the daily requirements and needs you have to fulfill.

Some other features about this kind of bags:

Affectionate and Appealing:

Gone those days when you tend to carry regular and ordinary bags. With the passage of time, the industry has improvised it’s designed and gives you a better platform to explore the vast quality and designs.

Most of them are available in the market made of leather with appealing features and on the other hand they can also be procured in a most elegant way in a simple black color. The option is available and now it is up to you which one you choose.

Serve the purpose of hidden guns:

Self-protection is the right of every citizen and we don’t encourage to carry them non-purpose. Yes, one of the hefty benefits of Concealed carry bag is you can take you licensed gun anywhere as long as you have the authority to carry it.

It would be advisable if you analyze the size of a gun before investing in acquiring a bag. Because sometimes it has been found that people have a different size of a gun which doesn’t get matched with their bag and they end up with purchasing the inappropriate one.

Which can be exchanged later but once you have to bear the heck of a pain. I believe no one would like to do so. Also, make it sure that the gun which you hide in a bag should have an appropriate locking system.

Otherwise, somebody might get hurt due to unintentional act. So if you follow these mandatory points then vast range of carry bags are waiting for you to be acquired. Whatever the choice of color you like you can buy accordingly.

Are they economical or I am tended to spend a lot?

That’s a pretty relevant question. Women love their bags and at the same time they don’t intend to spend a lot on it. Well, the good news is that all the bags are available with various price list. It is your decision which one you love to procure. Either expensive or economical, both the purposes will be served.


These bags randomly serve the purpose of safety as well as a good option to carry along as a symbol of a lifestyle. Now, the decision is up to you, in which way you see it.


Author Bio : Lisa Megan is senior sales manager by profession and writer by hobby. She is currently associated with Freedom & Company, which is an online store offering a wide range of concealed carry handbags for self defense. Lisa loves to share her knowledge about safety tips and tricks.

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