Professional Gun Cleaning Secrets

professional gun cleaning secrets

I received my Professional Gun Cleaning Secrets DVD from the American Gun Smith Institute a while back and wanted to give you an idea of what was inside of it.

I am pretty impressed. First because it is a professional made video that will take you from start to finish on cleaning your firearm and secondly because they are offering it at only the cost of shipping when you buy from this link and professional gun cleaning secrets dvdenter “clean” in the Promo Code box.

The DVD has a section on rifles, revolvers, shotguns and semi-auto pistols. It covers different things that you may not have seen before such asĀ  electronic bore cleaners, rod guides and many others.



For the cost of shipping, this DVD really worth it. I suggest you try it out – Click here. Don’t forget about adding “clean” in the Promo Code box.

promo code

This is well worth the shipping and handling. Get it now while they still have the offer.


>>Get your DVD Here<<



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