Mastering Trigger Control

One of the key parts of firing a weapon, in this case a pistol is mastering trigger control.  I stumbled across this nice little video on the subject.

A couple areas I would like to emphasis:

  • You want to practice working the trigger until you know by feel that one more millimeter of pressure will drop the hammer. Dry fire will do that for you.  Click here for a great dry fire guide.
  • I especially like that he talks about reacquiring the sights after the weapon goes off.  Get in the habit of always reacquiring the sights and the target after squeezing the trigger. Once again, dry fire will help you develop this.
  • Think about your barrel having water in it.  If you tilt it too far either way, the water runs out.  If you keep your barrel level and pointed towards the target, you will probably hit it even if you are practicing on trigger control and it goes off earlier than expected.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments.


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