When to Draw Your Firearm

when to draw your firearm

It’s always a judgement call to know when to draw your firearm either in a concealed carry situation or a gun in your home. There are a hundred things going through your mind and a second or two to make a decision. It’s always better to think about this beforehand and have some criteria in your mind so that you can go through the “mental checklist.”

We found a video that discusses this. Now don’t take this as law in your state/province/etc. You need to take this info and go see what is accepted as normal and legal behavior where you live.

The factors the video talk about are:

  • Ability – your ability to defend yourself
  • Proximity – the distance from the threat to you
  • Opportunity – the ability of the threat to harm you
  • Disparity – Difference between the force of the threat and you

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

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