It Takes a Thief to Keep You Safe

It Takes a Thiefit takes a thief

When I was in the Special Forces, we had training on surreptitious entry, lock picking and how to hot wire cars. I guess that part of our mentality had to be a bit rogue any way to perform the unconventional warfare missions.  This all means that we knew at least a little how thieves think.

Another Special Forces soldier Bob Mayer has a good article up on his blog about how to prevent burglaries.  I especially like how he explains how thieves might case your house and how to foil them.

Check out the post here.

Back a few years ago, they had a great series called It Takes a Thief. It was a reality show that had an ex thief show what they did to case houses and how they got in and out. It was down and dirty and to the point.

You can watch some of the episodes on YouTube here.

Make sure you check out the post and the videos, it might just save you from something someday.

If you want to develop skills like this for yourself, I recommend this course.

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