The Psychology of Gun Ownership

The Psychology of Gun Ownership

Have you really thought about why you have a gun? Have you thought about the responsibilities that come with it? Have you thought about what may happen if you use it in defense of yourself or your family?

If you want a gun to scare someone away, that’s the wrong reason.  You must be prepared to use deadly force.  Anything less will put you in danger if the threat calls your bluff or will not stay down when injured.

Are you prepared to follow all safety rules to include keeping the gun safe from children and those who are trained in proper use of firearms. Check out the four rules and the ten commandments.

The problem is that most Americans were brought up in  a halfway decent household where human life is respected. A lot of Americans were also brought up so they didn’t have to do a lot in order to get something. This is a bad combination.

First, there are those out there, even in America who hold no value to human life. If they want it, they will take it. When you have a gun, you can equalize the equation.  You just have to remember that just pulling it will not deter many of these thugs from moving on you.

To the second point, most of the time in America you can wing it. You can buy the TV, c or even a house, not read a manual or get training and start using it.  You can’t do this with a gun. You have to get training and practice good techniques.  Practicing bad techniques will just make you a threat to yourself and bystanders.

Enough of my preaching on the subject.  Check out the video below on these and other aspects of gun ownership psychology. One part of the video I disagree with – I don’t think separating the magazine from a weapon is enough of a safety device for a toddler.

Let us know what you think is important to keep in mind for gun ownership in the comments.

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