Don’t Do These Things with Your Home Defense Guns

home defense gun

I remember when we were out on the range way back when I first started shooting in the Special Forces. One of the younger guys started to adjust the sights on his pistol. An older team sergeant came over and stopped him. He said, “Guns shoot dead on all the time.”

That stuck with me. 99% of the time the problem lies with the shooter. You should never buy anything or do something to your weapon to overcome a problem you are having. What you need to do is invest in training and practice. Looking for some good basic training – Ready for more advanced? –

I found a good video that covers a couple things that you shouldn’t do to your home defense gun:

  • slip-on grips
  • recoil buffers
  • dremel anything
  • after market parts and magazines

Check out the video (language warning) and let us know what you think in the comments.

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