Tips for a CCW and Police Stop

Besides taking on and  eliminating a threat, one of the most dangerous times when concealed carrying is being stopped by the police and carrying a firearm.

I am not saying that all police are bad. I would even say that most are just doing their jobs the best they can.  Traffic stops are dangerous for them and you have to realize that, a ccw and a police stop just adds to their nervousness. The fact is during a traffic stop the things you do can easily escalate the moment and cause something bad to happen.

Now always remember to get legal advice, go to a lawyer.  With that out of the way, there are a couple things I really like about the video below.  I like the fact that they tell you not to use the word gun.  That can trigger a whole bunch of actions. I like the calm approach that they advocate.  The worst thing you want to do is cop an attitude with a cop.  If you didn’t see it at the beginning , one of the actors is Massad Ayoob, a very well renowned firearms instructor.

Check out the video, leave a comment. I know it will provoke some discussion for its disarming conversation.



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