The Best Pocket Knife for Personal and Home Defense

In this day and age, a person can’t be prepared enough for the worst to happen. While we hope it is something that never occurs, it is far better for our family’s well-being if we are protected. Choosing the best pocket knife for personal defense can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow the simple tips and tricks highlighted in this article, and you will be on your way to optimizing your safety.

Before We Begin:

It is important that you determine the laws in your area before purchasing any knife. Some places are against carrying a concealed folding pocket knife, but will instead allow the use of a tactical knife or something with a fixed blade. Take the time to research your local laws before making any purchase. If you are stopped by a police officer, it is always wise to refer to your knife as a tool, never a weapon. Stay safe and always follow the laws.

Why a Knife?

A common question I often hear is, “Why do I want to use a pocket knife? Why not just carry a gun?”. There are several reasons that a knife would be a better option for some people. Here are some points to consider:

  • Knives are easy to purchase.
  • Knives are easy to carry.
  • You can carry more than one.
  • Knives are used for many purposes, not just self-defense.
  • Most local laws do not require a permit to own or carry a small knife.
  • Carrying a knife will not draw attention to you.
  • There are no background checks involved.
  • There is minimal training involved to use a knife properly.
  • Women especially will tend to be more comfortable using a knife over a handgun.

This is going to rely heavily on personal preference. Some people choose to carry their handgun and knife because you’ll never know what the situation might call for.

Features of the Knife you Want

Here’s the deal:

There isn’t going to be one knife that fits everyone’s tastes and needs. There are, however, many guidelines which can help you to determine the best knife for you. While you may think the brand name, shape or point of the blade are all important features, they ultimately won’t determine which knife you buy.

You will in the end purchase based on feel. Each knife will feature a different handle, weight, and balance. Some people prefer a short, thick blade. Others swear by the longer blades where the majority of the weight lies in the tip.

The bottom line is:

It must be comfortable for you! It is going to be impossible for you to defend yourself while holding something that doesn’t seem natural. You’ll want to pick a knife that fits comfortably in your hand and you can access quickly.

Best Knife Brands

Something you can be sure of is that there are some brands that are the leaders in the market. These are the brands that you are going to want to pick from wherever possible:

  • Gerber
  • Cold Steel
  • TAC Force
  • CRKT
  • Kershaw
  • KA-BAR
  • Spyderco


What’s MY Favorite Knife for Personal Defense?

I knew you’d want to know! My personal choice is the TAC Force TF-705 Series Tactical Folding Knife. It features a half-serrated stainless steel blade and aluminum handle. It also has a bottle opener and glass breaker, just in case.

It is a spring-assisted folding knife that offers one-handed deployment when needed. When not in use, it can be locked securely in place with the liner lock. For an easy and safe carry, I love the pocket clip feature. When closed, this knife is 4-1/2” long. The blade measures an additional 3-1/4” and has a 3mm thickness.

The other benefit to this knife is the price. Despite being highly rated and well-loved by many, the price continues to remain reasonable.



How to Use a Pocket Knife for Self-Defense

The key to using any weapon as a means for self-defense is to be prepared. Practice the moves you might need and do it often. The more you practice, the more equipped you will be to defend yourself when and if the time comes.

Here’s are few basic things to remember, but feel free to check out this YouTube video for more suggestions –

  1. Always warn your attacker that you are armed. This is a very important legal step and needs to be done to prove that you attempted to avoid a fight. If possible, say it loud enough so you have witnesses to back you up.
  2. Stand towards your attacker at a 45-degree angle with your knife hand closer to him. Use your other arm to block all vital organs of your body. Stand low to the ground where you will have a better angle to protect yourself.
  3. Try to slash the area below the rib cage. If you go too high, it will just bounce off the attacker. Your goal isn’t to kill the person, so stabbing is generally a bad idea.
  4. As soon as you can, run from the attacker. Again, you aren’t looking to cause him deadly harm but simply maintain your safety. Hit where you can until the attacker is unable to get you and run for help.


In the End

Whenever you are dealing with issues of your personal safety, the methods and tools you use will be a personal choice. Make sure that whatever knife you choose to get that you are abiding by all laws and you feel comfortable using it properly. This will set you up to be able to adequately provide yourself and your family proper protection.

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