The Best Handgun

best handgun

We found a great video that takes on the question of what is the best handgun. Drum roll please….it is the S&W Model 686 Plus Revolver.

Now this is just the video maker’s opinion. As he states in the video, you need to ask yourself, what do you want the handgun to do, what do you like in a handgun. Also be honest with yourself about your limitations – hand strength, eyesight, marksmanship ability. That is the way to find the best handgun for you.

Before you watch the video – there are some off color comments that flash on the screen, not vulgar, just off color. If this type of thing bothers you, don’t watch the video.

I have if up because he does a really good job describing why you might want to to with a revolver and this model in particular.

Let us know in the comments what the best handgun is for you.

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