The Best Dog Breeds for Home Security

This is a guest post by John Rawa

Dogs have long been useful tools for protecting homes. Canines are loyal and benefit from training. Don’t underestimate how much training they need, either. You’ll want to ensure your dog is well grounded in tactics before letting them loose to protect you. Some breeds are faster learners than others. All of the varieties on this list are proven winners.

Doberman Pinscher
This breed of dog intimidates those who would consider breaking into a home. They have a well-earned reputation for guarding valuables, and never back down to intruders. Doberman Pinschers are built for speed and can cover a lot of ground fast. That makes them incredibly dangerous watch guards. It would take a truly foolish criminal to attempt the burglary of a house with a dog like this.

Pulis may not be as scary as larger breeds, but they make up for their diminutive stature with suspicious natures. If they sense anything at all is out of the ordinary, they’ll let their owner know! Pulis are not as famous as other breeds used for guard dogs, but they rise to the challenge. Not only that, but their incredible fur makes them a lot of fun to watch.

German Shepherds
German Shepherds have long had employment as watch dogs. They are loyal canines of a large size, which indicates they can take down criminals. They do extremely well with training and pose no threat to the family. They’re good-natured dogs unless a threat occurs. Then, they change to a fearsome state. Only the most foolhardy thief would attempt to burglarize a house with one of these ferocious animals inside.

Staffordshire Terrier
When you consider the background of this breed, you’ll quickly understand why they’re effective at protecting your house.  The breed was originally bred specifically to fight bears and bulls! For them, a minor burglar is hardly a challenge. They are aggressive dogs, so it pays to know them from an early age. Staffordshire Terriers that you socialize are excellent guard dogs which protect your family at all costs.

Giant Schnauzer
A loud bark, powerful bite, and large physical size are all advantages that come naturally to Giant Schnauzers. These attributes make them ideal candidates to secure your property and protect your loved ones.


If you’re considering getting dogs to watch your home, you’ll have to think about this breed. They’re good guards for protection because they are suspicious by nature, and they don’t make a lot of noise. When they do start barking, know that it’s because something’s going on. This breed is territorial, so defending the home turf comes naturally.

Bullmastiffs are good-looking, loyal dogs that safeguard buildings around the world. This breed has a robust build, with a high degree of muscularity. In a confrontation with an attacker, they are tough enough to win.


Bullmastiffs have important jobs helping with physical therapy because they’re such good learners. They take to training naturally and have protective natures. The physical nature of Bullmastiffs makes them natural candidates for handling security duties. You can’t go wrong with one of these dogs!

Chow Chow
These dogs look a lot like bears and are just about as tough. They can stand up to frigid temperatures, and their stature is large. If they need to patrol outside in the cold, they can handle it better than many other breeds.


Famous for their purple-black tongues, these dogs guard properties globally. Since the third century in China, they have shown the ability to understand training. They are very protective of their people by nature and are ferocious about guarding their homestead. They make excellent pets and are wonderful companions.

The Boerboel
This breed may not instantly conjure up meaning for you. However, these impressively large dogs are a South African Mastiff that makes for a top-notch security guard. This type of dog was brought into existence to protect the homestead, so you know they’re suited for their job.


This breed is loyal to families and fiercely protective. They have been known to be aggressive and are not allowed in all countries. For someone who’s willing to do a lot of work training them, they are an excellent choice. People who are less committed should consider easier to work with breeds.

The American Pit Bull Terrier
Few dogs have worse PR than Pit Bulls. This breed has been used in dog fighting and has been the choice of many questionable characters over the years. However, they are leading security dogs because they’re tough, athletic, and loyal.


People who work in close collaboration with the breed swear by Pit Bulls. That’s why it’s a good idea to have them trained by professionals who understand their unique needs and natures. Training Pit Bulls requires specialized knowledge, but it well worth the effort. There are a few other types of dogs who can do as good of a job as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The Rottweiler
Rottweilers are famous throughout the world for their ability to protect people and property. Imagine a strong dog that weighs more than one hundred pounds and which is fearless in defense. Rottweilers work with police and other trainers and handle a variety of important tasks.


Some lore suggests that the Rottweiler has been working for humans as far back as the days of the Roman Empire. These dogs receive many recommendations from breeders because they’re predictable. They are natural turf defenders and are very smart.

Whichever breed you settle on, it’s crucial you understand your dog’s unique requirements. Training must remain a critical concept that you don’t shirk. Dogs only learn what people teach them. Dogs that exhibit poor behavior do so because they haven’t learned differently. Your dog will do what you teach it to do.


One thing is sure; home security is a fantastic priority for you to have. Install a home security system to go along with your new dog, and you’ll solidify your border. Dogs are one of the oldest forms of guarding, and modern technology and a state of the art security system help extend your capacity to defend. Combine the two to create a truly impregnable fortress.

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