Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

shooting a revolver


It can be a little intimidating getting started shooting a revolver. The can look a little old school and while in reality they are quite simple the mechanics are different from a semi auto.

With the grip you want to tuck your thumb because of the cylinder release and the gases that escape from the cylinder.

You should also pay attention to the trigger release with a revolver. You want the trigger to be constantly moving so you get the speed you need to engage threat or multiple threats.

Another issue is practicing reloading with your strong hand whereas with a semi auto you reload the magazine with the offhand.

We found a good video that demonstrates all this. Check it out and tell us what you think about getting started shooting a revolver.



  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing your tips for beginners in shooting. Firing range clean up and maintenance are also very important in shooting.

  2. Nancy Robb says:

    Good sound advise and direction. Perhaps some further insight on use of speed loaders and the need to “remember” how many shots have been used so that there is no “surprise” click, and no bullet, and hopefully muscle memory will take over with a smooth ejection of shells and reload of more ammo….

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