Hi-Point 995 Home Defender

Hi Point Home Defender

Looking for a good carbine for home defense without breaking the bank?

Take a look at the Hi-Point 995 Home Defender.

You should be able to pick one up for a couple hundred dollars and it gives you the carbine benefits of being compact, having good power and easier aimed accurately than most people can accomplish with a handgun.

In addition, it's a Hi-Point so it is American made and comes with a lifetime warranty.

We found a good video that talks about the Home Defender from Miller's Guns and Gear.

Photo credit – Miller's Guns and Gear.


  1. Robert Wolk says:

    I’m glad to see somebody not trashing Hi-Point. I’ve got the .45, the .40, and the 9 mm, have put a couple hundred rounds through them with one stove-pipe on the .40. After looking at the shell, I found a crimp on the rim that none of the other brass had. I blame the malf on manufacturing defect.

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