Should You Carry with an Empty Chamber?

Should you carry with an empty chamber?carrying with an empty chamber

You are going to get some very heated arguments for and against.

I have to say that I wouldn't consider carrying with an empty chamber. I was never trained to do this and believe that I have the skills to keep the weapon safe until I would need to engage a threat.

Before you start arguing, I do agree that there might be some reasons to carry with an empty chamber. You might have kids you are worried about getting to the weapon. You might carry in a purse where the trigger is not protected.

Those are things to consider.

We found a good video from TheTrainingEvolution that discusses some of the issues well. Check it out below:

Photo credit – TheTrainingEvolution


  1. I have only concealed carried a few times and wasn’t comfortable enough to even keep the clip in. I’m a woman and carried it in my inside coat pockets, so my gun wasn’t in a comfortable, secure place. If I had a way to carry it otherwise, I might feel more comfortable with the mag inside.

  2. Today’s weapons and holsters are much safer than they once were. I maintain a fully loaded cocked weapon.

  3. Carry with one in the chamber all the time, its like when I carry my .38 Snubbie, same deal right? If you need to worry about carrying with one in chamber because of kids, then you should not own a weapon in the first place, Be responsible around guns, Enough said…..if you don’t feel secure enough yourself, then don’t carry at all. You have to feel comfortable at all times when you carry..if you don’t then don’t carry at all,

  4. yes fully lowed

  5. I carry everyday chambered. If you have a good holster, are using it correctly and it fits your firearm properly there should never be an unwanted discharge. Also, quarter seconds matter in a situation where you may need to use you’re firearm.

  6. I carry concealed n loaded 24/7…with a,locking trigger holster. ..I have classes n I am very proficent…putting in a,mag n chucking the gun..takes too much time n adrenaline allows for error…I carry a,glock 17..Gen 4

  7. I cary my gun in full vew dont have a ccw yet i have a full clip no chambered round if i have to use my gun i figure once somone sees me chamber a round maybe it could be the one thing that could make somonr thibk maybe we need to leave her alone it dosent take long to chamber a round or change a mind bit thats just my reasoning also it depends on where to am at i live in the hood and i dont worry much

  8. What good is that. Always remember the safety rules and you’ll be fine. I always carry with one in the chamber. When the bass guys come they won’t wait for you to get ready. Just use some common sense.

  9. you are to slow in drawing..and you are not able to shot fast not even cahmbered!!! go to learn shootimh before you present yourself!!!

  10. All the issues people talking about “it doesn’t take me long to rack my gun” got me laughing. It’ll take you longer to reach for the gun,racking it,and get on point then for someone who already got a loaded gun on you to pull that trigger. It’s not often but sometimes you do get a small open window to take a shot but that sound of the gun racking is just another risk you taking for him to hear that and you get killed. I rather the first thing he hears is that gun gone off.

  11. I am a 61 year old woman that has her CCW. I carry concealed with one in the chamber at all times! I don’t leave the house without my 9mm! I also carry a extra clip with me! I say be ready you may not have time to chamber one. I practice often to keep up my accuracy! Be prepared not dead!!

  12. Ervin Cole Cunningham says:

    I carry everyday Glock29 extended magazine, with one in the chamber. A person cannot , draw rack and get on point in enough time to make carrying a firearm beneficial. A firearm un-chambered is nothing more than a paperweight and will get you hurt, its a false sense of security.

  13. They’re not clips. They are magazines

  14. Mike Harrell says:

    Not to mention that your off hand may be fending off an attacker or injured or otherwise occupied.

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