Beretta 92FS Review

beretta 92fs

I have to admit the Beretta 92 series pistol is one of my favorites. I learned to shoot a pistol in the military with it and put a lot of rounds through them.

Now a lot of people love them and some don't. That's understandable. It's the same with a lot of things.

We found a video from GunGuyTV that talks about some of the issues with the Beretta 92FS and what you need to think about before you buy one.


Photo Credit – Tim Dobbelaere


  1. This is a good and informative video. Especially for someone who may be looking at a firearm like the 92fs and not know the specifics. I have a taurus 92fs simply because I couldn’t afford the beretta at the time. It’s basically the same platform. I’ve got a stoeger cougar that is also the same platform. I really like them.

  2. I will be the first to tell you how much I HATE the 9mm round. I cant tell you how MUCH I hate it. Before anyone tries to convince me otherwise, I have made a extensive study of its external and terminal ballistics so don’t bother. With that said, and keeping in mind that I am a SHTF type of guy, I had a chance to pick up a 92FS cheap a few years back so I did, and them I grabbed another for my wife for Christmas, and another for mo eldest daughter, and another for the youngest. they all have defensive/deer hunting 12 ga shotguns, and custom built AR’s so the 92’s were not a surprise, but why not 96’s? logistics. The .22 LR is no longer a cheap and viable practice round. surplus 9mm ammo is cheap, and readily available. And the handgun itself has superior ergonomics making it an easy to use piece with excellent trijicon sights. pick it up ant it points just like a 1911- ergonomics… I can live with the 9mm in this firearm. I can load it up for better performance with superior projos I have the equipment. but like I said, I’m ready for the SHTF but right now, this isn’t my edc piece, but the family that shoots together, doesn’t shoot each other,,,

  3. I have a Taurus pt99 bought waaaaaaaay back in 19hundred and 85 or 6.
    This bad dog has never ever failed me and I love the 9mm round.
    My edc is the 9mm sccy cpx-2 great pistol fur the price loaded with fmj well Federals guard dog which looks like the fmj but expands like a holler point. If I had da money I wood still purchase the Taurus and some ammo b-4 I wood get the 92fs.

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