Great Products for Beginners (and everyone)


Learn how dry fire can get you shooting quicker and easier than any other training method. This is a great guide to learn what to do to start acquiring real life shooting skills.


I have to admit it. Dry fire can get pretty boring. Pick up a pack of these dry fire cards and liven up your training sessions.dryfirecards


Products for Intermediate Shooters

 Most shooters shoot hundreds, some even thousands of live rounds, getting A LOT of practice at being SLOPPY, inefficient and often dangerous mimicking something they saw on YOUTUBE, a “tactical” shooting show, or an out-of-date “training” DVD they bought at some big box sporting goods store. Learn how to do it right.

 The 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide gives you a simple drill to do each day of the month. The drills you do Monday-Friday are dry-fire drills, which you can practice at home with a safe and empty weapon…


 For the Advanced Shooter

Most people will freeze under the surprise and stress of a gunfight. This course teaches you how to use your “startle response” to turn the tables and get the advantage on an attacker.



This course to expands and enhances your life, not just through your shooting abilities but also through “your ability” to control your mind and your emotions!insight



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