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One of the most important things you can do to keep your defense guns in top notch condition is to keep them clean and properly lubricated.

Using the wrong techniques, tools or chemicals when cleaning your guns could cause damage that could reduce reliability and accuracy.

It’s possible that the very time you need to your guns to work the best to protect life and property is when you’ll discover the ugly truth.

That’s why we’ve arranged for you to receive a $40 DVD that will teach you how professionals clean their guns… free. It was created by a company that trains military, law enforcement and professional gunsmiths so you know the information is top notch.

You’ll learn how professionals clean and maintain their firearms in a clear easy to understand way that removes all the mystery. What equipment is best, types of lubricants, why and when to use them, lead removal, bore cleaners and the latest methods.

All you need to do to receive it is pay a few dollars for shipping.

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