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9-mm handgun and target shooting

I am really big on training. When I was in the military, it was an everyday occurrence We were always working on getting better.

Part of that was trying out new things. Our philosophy was that we should try out everything. We never knew what we could pick up from a method of training that might end up saving our lives later down the road.

I recommend a few different programs. I suggest you do what we did. Check em out and take what is useful for you from each one.

I recommend this one from Pat at this website. I have personally reviewed the course and recommend it for those who want a complete course on shooting pistol in an effective manner.

Pat has a program that gets rid of the bad habits that are holding you back from getting better. It builds in the habits you need to operate under stress.

Remember: Just because you are good on the flat range doesn’t mean you will shoot well under stress.

instant accuracy

Screenshot from the videos

You need to “burn” in the habits Pat teaches in this course.

His program:

  • is done from the comfort and security of your own home.
  • requires ZERO ammunition to be fired… and ZERO special tools or equipment (other than the handgun you want to get good with).
  • takes only 15 minutes per day for just one month to take the average shooter to 300% – 600% tighter groups on target. And most likely, if you stick with the program, you’ll be shooting quarters off of fence posts in just a couple months.

Check out Pat’s site -> Click here

Pat talks about the 7 critical foundation elements of accuracy are and what critical mistakes you might be making with them.  The elements are:

  1. Lower Body Stance

    instant accuracy

    Screenshot from course

  2. Upper Body Position
  3. The Arm and Elbow Lock
  4. Two and One Handed Grip
  5. Instinctive Sight Alignment
  6. Breathing Control
  7. Trigger Control

Now as I said even if you just pick up one or two things you are doing wrong, this course is priceless.

The pros of this course is that Pat has a very methodical manner and you will get the basics down. He demonstrates the positions and techniques very well.

Now there are cons too. The first is the sales page. You are going to have to wait while the video winds down. It isn’t a bad story and but does tend to go on and on. Just sit back and let it wind through. The order link will pop up.

Another con has to do with Pat’s methodical manner. If you are looking for a flashy video with lots of gunfire and cheetah flips, this isn’t it. It is a bit dark and Pat goes slow to make sure you get the technique down right.

Now there is a website out there that calls this program a scam. He calls Pat a fraud. Well I think everything Pat says is true. He was a director with the USCCA. He was the marketing director, but these organizations are very small and just because your were Marketing Director doesn’t mean you don’t shoot. Also this guy says Pat is a chiropractor which is entirely untrue. Most of us in this business have a couple different jobs, but Pat is not a chiropractor and I don’t know why that would make a difference anyway.

I don’t know why that person has problem with the course. I have personally reviewed it and it is solid.  Also I corresponded with Pat and he said this person who criticized it has not even bought a copy of the course and didn’t return Pat’s emails to discuss. You make your own judgements.

Just a warning, this involves dry fire. You probably know by know that I am a huge fan of dry fire. If you have something against dry fire, not spending a ton of money and getting better: then you might as well not check out the program.

Here’s the link >> Click here

There’s a 100% 60 day full money back guarantee so really you can’t lose with this. Click here now to get started shooting fast and accurately.


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