Your Home Defense Gun

Every homeowner should consider having a home defense gun. Times are coming when the homeowner will regret not having such a weapon. Itwomen aiming a gun may not be terrorists at the door, maybe only a marauding animal. In any case, having a home defense gun will give peace of mind to whoever has one.

The choice then comes to what kind of home defense gun one should have. The primary choices are handgun, shotgun or rifle. The fact is, it depends. The factors to consider are where the home is. Is it a rural setting where there might be animals to defend your family from? Also in a rural setting you may want to keep intruders at a far distance. In this case a rifle would prove valuable.

In a suburban or urban setting, a shotgun might be of more value. The rifle can definitely over penetrate walls and even travel between houses and hit an innocent neighbor. Pistols can also do this but not is so many circumstances. If over penetration is a worry, than the shotgun loaded with birdshot is the best way to go. Birdshot to the chest will take any intruder down even if they are on drugs or in a blind rage. There is a misconception with shotguns that they cannot miss. That is not the case. Without practice and care, it is quite easy to miss with a shotgun. Also due to the length of the shotgun, many people are disarmed by the intruder before they can take measures to defend themselves. It can also be hard to safely store a loaded shotgun, especially if there are children in the house.concealed pistol in purse

For the reasons above, I tend to recommend a pistol for a home defense gun. There is a chance of over penetration of walls, but in most cases the round will not exit a building. Also there is much less chance for the home defender to have the pistol taken out of their hands as in the case of the shotgun or riffle. The pistol does need practice to accurately engage a target, but any gun needs practice to use effectively.

The best thing to do is to go down to the local gun store, speak to the person behind the counter. Explain what you want to do ask them for a recommendation. I would do this at several stores. Make sure you sign up for a gun safety class if you have never handled a gun before. Even if you are familiar with guns, go down to the local firing range and make sure you get used to your new home defense gun. Start out with dry fire. Then move to live fire, moving very slowly making sure your accuracy stays high. Only when you are constantly dead on, should you increase your speed.

Safety for Your Home Defense Gun

Gun safety is very important for your home defense gun. Guns are very powerful and we have to take the care that is part of gun ownership. First of all, you must consider your gun as always loaded. Back in my Special Forces days, we would recite this every time we went to the firing range. No matter how many times we checked the weapon, we would always treat it in a safe manner. Never point a gun at something you are not willing to destroy/kill.

When firing your gun, either on the range or in defense of your home. You need to know what or who your target is. You have to identify it. You need to know what is in line with your target. Is there something or someone that will jump or dart in the line of fire. You need table gun safeto know what is behind your target. If the round over penetrates, will something be hit. Always we be deadly serious with your home defense gun.

You need to protect children in your household when you have a home defense gun. Of course children should know basic gun safety and should be taught that guns are not playthings. But sometimes they forget, or you might have visiting children in your household that have not had gun safety training. For this reason, the weapon needs to be secured from the reach of children.

Finally your home defense gun needs to be secure so that it cannot be stolen and used to commit a crime in either your home or another person’s home. Keep it hidden and locked up so that it is ready when you need it.

Some basic gun safety will keep those around you safe and your home defense gun ready when you need it.

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