A Woman’s Gun Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Her Firearm – Part 1

This is a guest post by Tarra Stoddarda woman's gude to gun

A Woman’s Gun Guide

Presentation and Functionality plays in every part of our lives. Kinda like my grandma always said. “Your porch is the window into your home.” Hmm you say, how does that fit into firearm cleaning and maintenance? Your gun’s appearance and the way it functions shows dedication to yourself, others, and where you fit in the gun world. We certainly cannot forget how maintaining and cleaning your firearm , leads to safety. After you clean your firearm you check the components to make sure they are in perfect functioning order.

To clean and when to clean, that is the question

You should make a habit of cleaning your firearm after each time you shoot your firearm. I have a designated area for cleaning my firearm, that is clean of any other items. My cleaning workspace is my kitchen table. I give myself at least half of the table so I will have plenty of room to lay things out properly.

Step One: Gathering a woman’s firearm cleaning essentials:

Your firearm manual, (here is a good source for manuals),

Firearm Cleaning Mat or Plasticized Baby Changing Pads,

A short bore rod, a bronze bore brush that matches the caliber of the handgun your cleaning, a bag of patches, (or old t-shirts can be cut to size), a GI toothbrush, cotton swabs, & a cotton washcloth or shop rag, & bore light.

I’m not not into pink. However I am a lady that loves her fingernails. So spend the extra dollar & buy a good pair of nitrate gloves that fit your hands.

I recommend Frog Lube or Rand CLP for your cleaning solvent/oils.

I prefer these brands because both are environmentally safe and have no bad “off gas” smell. They are both all- in-ones, which is a cleaner and lubricant. We women like our thoroughness and simplicity.

Now gather up these cleaning essentials and get ready for the next issue. Part 2, A woman’s Method to the breakdown madness.

What tips do you have for weapons cleaning? Let us know in the comments.


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