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This is a guest post by John Carlintrain safe barrel block

TRAIN SAFE is a small “Made In America” company, which was started to promote safe training with personal or duty firearms.

I have been a firearms instructor for over 30 years and never liked looking down the barrel of a firearm, for fear of being shot.  In October of 2008, I invented the TRAIN SAFE chamber and barrel block, which insures the firearm handler and those around him or her that they do not need to worry about accidental firing.  My son manufactures my product and assists in research and development.

Before TRAIN SAFE, instructors and students had limited options to handle and train with their very own firearms with guaranteed safety. Substitute plastic firearms do not allow handlers to have the realistic feel and behavior of their own firearm. With TRAIN SAFE, they can.

The TRAIN SAFE barrel block insert is a cost effective way to disable any service pistol or concealed carry semi auto from chambering or firing live ammo. A good firearms instructor will be able to have their students training with the very firearm they are assigned while preventing all possibility of a negligent discharge.

The barrel blocks are a fluorescent orange polymer plastic. They stick out of the barrel about ¼ of an inch, serving as a “FLAG” that the firearm is disabled and safe for training. With the TRAIN SAFE in place, instructors and students, as well as firearm owners can perform magazine changes and dry fire drills.

The TRAIN SAFE is easy to use. Field strip your firearm. Insert the TRAIN SAFE in the barrel and reassemble the firearm. That’s it. It is disabled for training and safe for storage.  With a TRAIN SAFE in your firearm, it is CHILD PROOF. No need to find the key to use the firearm.

We have TRAIN SAFE being used by Concealed Carry Instructors, Law Enforcement, Military, Government Agencies, and folks that just want to be SAFE while training. Some sporting goods stores are putting TRAIN SAFE in their handguns on display, to ensure the safety of their customers.

WE make TRAIN SAFE barrel blocks that fit every semi automatic handgun. There are 15 different models from the .380 to the 45 cal. TRAIN SAFE for handguns is $5/ea. + S&H. We manufacture TRAIN SAFE to fit 12 ga. shotguns and rifles that are .223 and larger.

Cost of these is $15/ea. + S&H.

The cost to save a life is minimal.

To order go to or e-mail if your firearm is not listed.

train safeJohn Carlin is a career law enforcement officer and firearms training instructor. John’s background as a peace officer prompted him to develop this device for the safety of law enforcement personnel using their duty weapons in firearms training. Officers can train safely with the very weapons they carry on duty.

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