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This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester

Thyrm Switchbackthyrm switchback

While I stray away from equipment and gear reviews, every so often a product comes out that is actually worth talking about. While I’ve carried, bought, used, tested, broken and discarded hundreds of dollars of gear over the years, once in a great while I come across piece of kit that works, is simple, and actually meets the definition of tactical. This time around it came in the form of a flashlight accessory.

I’m talking about the Thyrm Switchback. Developed with Chris Costa from Costa Ludus, this accessory attaches to the tail cap of a Surefire or similar flashlight and allows you to have and operate a light source while keeping two hands on your firearm. By placing the index finger of your support hand through the loop and then establishing a two handed grip on your handgun, the pressure switch on the tail cap rests against the third knuckle of your middle finger. Using your support hand thumb you push against the tab applying forward pressure, which drives the pressure switch into your knuckle and activates the light. (See Thyrm’s photo for visual reference)

thyrm switchback ring

With a quick spin around your finger, you can now grip the barrel of the flashlight and shine the light in different directions without having to cover everything with the muzzle of your gun. Probably the best way to apply the Switchback is in conjunction with a weapon mounted light. The fixed light on your weapon will give you target ID and the switchback will give you an additional source of light that you can search with as you move without risk of covering something or someone you love with the weapon muzzle.

The last feature I found was probably not intentional when it was designed, but the little tab that protrudes from the loop also makes an excellent point you can use to strike with, or use in conjunction with a control hold to apply acute pain to a pressure point. Having your finger through the loop gives you a good grip and will assist in using your light as a kubaton or yawara self-defense device.

The other great thing about the Switchback is that very minimal training was required to be proficient with it. With only two trips to the range for live fire practice and a couple hours of dry practice, I found myself very proficient at accessing the Switchback from my pocket, establishing a good grip on my handgun, and controlling the light with simple thumb pressure.

thyrm switchback

Unlike the Ayoob, Chapman, Surefire, FBI or Harries techniques, the Switchback from Thyrm goes right to work and requires very minimal conscious manipulation to become proficient. If you have ever tried any of the aforementioned techniques, then you know how much time and training it takes to become good at them.

The last and most important thing is that the Thyrm Switchback is an excellent value. It is not an overpriced accessory and can be had from their website for around $25. I highly recommend this product if you carry a firearm on a daily basis. If you are carrying a handgun, you should be carrying a light source… and that light source should have a Switchback attached to it.

Until next time, be safe – Train hard and Never give up!

Scott S
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